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Test in progress

Aug 22, 2014 - 9:07 AM - by Skid

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Battlefield 4 FREE for 1 week

Aug 10, 2014 - 7:05 PM - by Bowie

Are you are interested in playing Battlefield 4
but not sure if you will like it?

Well its your lucky day, EA is running a special Battlefield 4 promo where you can download and play the game for free for a whole week.
The promo only requires an Origin account, and is valid for PC gamers only.

Origin News: Click HERE

The trial period only includes the standard game and not any of the previous DLC and expansions.
However will allow you to play both singleplayer and multiplayer versions of the game.

You only have till August 14 to download the game as it wont be available for FREE download after this date,
and will recommence as a purchase from the 14th on.

- The download gives the gamer a full week of FREE gameplay, or 168 hours, which starts the first time you launch the game.
- You can start this game time anytime you want, even after the 14th of August.

If you have yet to play Battlefield 4 because you heard of bugs and net code issues and didn't want to play a "Buggy Game"..
well DICE have fixed most of these issues now and have polished the game from the original release.

Snatch up this offer while it lasts as it wont be around much longer, the large majority of people who play Battlefield 4 multiplayer will only reach 100-150 hours of gameplay..
so to offer a full week of for free is and extremely generous offer.

( NOTE: The game time runs in real time, starting from the first time you launch the game after the download.)


Origin is currently having a Battlefield blowout sale of up to 70% OFF;

Battlefield 4 - $24.99
Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe - $29.99
Battlefield 4 Premium - $41.99 (inc all DLC)
DLC China Rising - $15.99
DLC Dragon's teeth - $15.99
DLC Naval Strike - $15.99
DLC Second Assault - $15.99

- Check out Origin for the full list of sales -


The AEF have loads of members that play Battlefield 4 so jump on Teamspeak and have a game.


The AEF's Battlefield team (The AEF Battalion) is currently competing in the Cybergamer 10v10, 16v16 and 5v5 ladders and we are always looking for new members to add to the ranks for competitive and casual gameplay.

If your interested in joining, sign up to become an AEF member ==>

Once you have signed up, join us on Teamspeak and express your interest to any of our friendly Battlefield members who will direct you on the right path.

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AEF Battlefield 4 10v10 Final results

Aug 07, 2014 - 10:31 PM - by Bowie

The Cybergamer 10v10 season 1 has officially come to an end, with the finals played out over the last month.
It was great to see the level of game play in the top 8 teams, it made for close intense final series.
The AEF Battalion drew the short straw and was pitted against one of the best teams (Deathnet) for round 1, after an intense couple of battles Deathnet proved to be too tough on the night, pushing us into the runner up matches.
Our next opponent was to be Get Smashed (TOG) after there loss against Sons of Valour, AEF Battalion came out with the same aggressive game play as they did for the season, with a couple of wins on Zavod 311 and Flood Zone we pushed threw to the next round.
When Australian Universal Soldier (AUS) went down to ELIM they were to be the Battalions next opponent. AUS played exceptional on the night, managing a close victory over the AEF Battalion on Hainan Resort and Dawnbreaker, this thrusting us out of the competition leaving us with a well earned season 1 result with a tie for 5th position.
The AEF Battalion showed great teamwork and a high level of skill throughout the season and the final series, they were rewarded for there time, effort and commitment with a top 5 finish.
Deathnet went on to win the season with a clean sweep victory over Sons of Valour, in a couple of intense head to head battles on Lancang Dam and Hainan Resort.
Well done to all the teams that made it to the finals and congratulations to the Champion.

1st: Deathnet
2nd: Sons of Valour
3rd: ELIM
4th: Australian Universal Soldier
5th: AEF Battalion & Inception
7th: Get Smashed & Affliction

- Click above for results -

Season 2 has officially started now with the AEF Battalion to compete in there first match of season 2 next week.
The AEF Battalion is a great team that we want to see thrive and do well so we are looking for new and old Battlefield players who are keen to give up a couple of days a week and represent the AEF in competitive 10v10 and 16v16 game play.
All skill levels are welcome as you will be groomed and molded into a Battlefield dominating machine. Join up today to be a part of the action.

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Elite: Dangerous beta

Jul 31, 2014 - 3:26 PM - by sSPIDAa

Elite: Dangerous is the spectacular new sequel in the Elite series of games.
Head for the stars, take a ship and trade, bounty-hunt, pirate or assassinate your way across the galaxy in this massively multiplayer online space adventure
It's an awe inspiring, beautiful, vast place; with 55 (Planned to be 400 billion)
star systems, planets, moons and asteroid fields just waiting to be explored and exploited.


Team up with others on missions or travel alone exploring the expanse of space encountering fellow explorers on the way, Elite: Dangerous offers endless choice in one massively multiplayer online experience.
You can trade for profit between systems, ruthlessly pillage and pilfer at any given opportunity, take part in alliances to bring down planetary economies, tipping the balance of power, or simply explore the open world wonders of the galaxy, together or alone.
The Starship Services facility on each of the huge starports will be your first port of call. You start with little money in a Sidewinder, a small but capable craft, but with ambition and skill you can acquire ever more sophisticated and capable craft and weaponry.
Your first trade is much more than merely padding your bank account - it puts you in the driving seat of your own story.
Your choices can make you wealthy, can make you powerful, and can make you knowledgeable, but can also make you the target of every Elite-wannabe from here to the edge of the galaxy.

Take a look at our Quick Start Guide
Kastor has offered to help new Commanders.


55 star systems covering 29,000 cubic lightyears
Initial online mission system functionality (to be further developed through Beta)
Player-to-player communication by text and voice
Friends management and matchmaking
Overview trade route mapping
The concept of fuel consumption
Docking computers to assist with safe landings
Additional Viper heavy fighter and Lakon Type 6 medium trader ships



AEF game night Saturday 2nd August. (Around 1600 AEST)

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AEF Battlefield 4 Tournament 2v2

Jul 25, 2014 - 12:00 AM - by Bowie

A_n____A_E_F___B_F_4____I_N_T_E_R - C_L_A_N____S_O_C_I_A_L____C_O_M_P_E_T_I_T_I_O_N
= === ===== ======= ========= ========================== ========= ======= ===== === =
AEF Battlefield 4 Tournament Results
= === ===== ======= ========= ========================== ========= ======= ===== === =
Congratulations to our Inaugural 2v2 Tournament Winners: __Angrybstard & Jacewrath

AEF’s first in-house clan tournament has come to an end, with our victors been Angrybstard and Jacewrath. The pair played well over the whole tournament, not missing any matches.

The Semi-finals consisted of three teams of two, (Angrybstard/Jacewrath, Bowie/Acez and Mr_Nevyn/DavieX) this was a nail biting couple of matches on Dawnbreaker, that went down to the wire with Acez/Bowie team winning by 1 point, unfortunately DavieX and Mr_Nevyn were eliminated leaving the final two teams to battle it out on Lancang Dam in the final.

Final Rnd 1
: The usual Run-n-Gun game play took the sideline and resulted in a slow paced hunt for the opposing team. With some considerably low scoring, Angrybstard and Jacewrath managed to win the first round by 1 point.

Final Rnd 2: This was a hide and seek round which had Angrybstard and Jacewrath hiding in the shipping container in the centre of the map, while Bowie and Acez ran around franticly trying to find there opponents. After 10 minutes Bowie cottoned on to there their location by the closed doors of the shipping container and was killed instantly upon opening of the door. For the next 5 minutes it was an intense two and fro for the lead with Bowie and Acez wining the round by 1 point forcing a tiebreaker.

After a quick decision between the two teams it was decided that it was to be, Op Locker showdown for the win.

Tie Breaker: Bowie and Acez had a bad start getting squad wiped and instantly giving Angrybstard and Jacewrath a two point lead. From here Bowie and Acez were pushing aggressively to try to reclaim the lead at witch Angrybstard and Jacewrath held there position defensively quickly taking out there opponents when they attacked. Angrybstard and Jacewrath had a decisive victory over Bowie and Acez, making them the first winners for the AEF Battlefield Tournaments... Congratulations!

As this was the first tournament we have found what works and what doesn’t, with a few changes expected for tournament 2 starting in the few months.

A big thank you to those who competed and good luck with the next tournament.

Here is 2 different perspectives of the footage from the finals.

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