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Welcome to our newest member, AlenaBarag

New Division = 54th Tactical Wing

Nov 02, 2015 - 1:36 PM - by Daviex2259

is proud to announce

the formation of a new division.

It is with great pleasure that my first act as the AEF Commanding Officer is to announce the formation of a new team.
It signifies the continued growth of this great community and it's members.
It is therefore now my privilege to introduce our new division's officers for the AEF 54th Tactical Wing...

Commanding Officer - TassieDevil
Second-In-Command - Irish

...and we wish the team, and it's members, every success in achieving it's goals and aspirations.

Daviex2259 - AEF CO

. .. ... ........... ... .. .

The AEF 54th Tactical Wing is forming to provide assistance and develop co-operative gameplay opportunities for AEF members and guests and, in
doing so, will create a permanent presence for the AEF in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. And a large galaxy it is - 400 Billion star systems, with
real stars, planets, moons and other phenomena, making up our Milky Way, is more than any player can encounter in an entire lifetime. The
bulk of that space is unexplored, and uninhabited... so far. Frontier claims this is "the largest designed playspace in videogame history",
and we expect they're right. So, want to come and play ?

The AEF 54th Tactical Wing is now looking for pilots of good character, regardless of skill level. The unit will likely be shaped with the input of
our first pilots - there are numerous ideas for group activities, ranging from establishing of procedures and training, and assistance with
missions of varying types, to working the political machinations of the various powers and factions, and their ongoing struggle for
the control of territory in "civilised" space.

At this stage, there are currently no game-related restrictions or requirements for membership with 54TW*.
Pilots from all factions, or none, are welcome.
We also encourage a preference to learn about the game from experiencing the game itself wherever possible, rather than looking for answers
outside the platform. Elite has no difficulty level that can be set by players - it's meant to be challenging.
JOIN the AEF 54th Tactical Wing by clicking on the above RECRUITING NOW banner.
*AEF Membership requires all applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

- We can assist in getting your game setup correctly, configuring controls as required.
- Your first steps as a new pilot in Elite: Dangerous - learn basic piloting skills, and earn some credits to get you started a little easier.
- Meet up with us at our current "base of operations", and learn the basics of operating in a wing with other pilots.
- Learn how to manage power budget and module priority with regard to situation, starting in simple ships and graduating to more complex systems.
- Engage in further activities to improve your skills in exploring, mining, trading, bounty hunting, piracy, and smuggling.
- Begin a military career with the Federal or Empire navies.
- Work with system factions (Bulletin Board contracts) or powers (a myriad of PowerPlay activities).
- Co-operate with other members on raids, patrols, escort duties, intercepts and more clandestine operations.
- Help 54TW become a well trained, well organised force to be reckoned with, both in the main game, and the Close Quarters Combat expansion
Plus COMING LATE 2015...
- ED: Horizons (planetary landings "expansion"), and the introduction of the Thargoids (an alien species with unknown intent).
Who knows what co-operative gameplay opportunities might come from these content packages!

. .. .
.. ........... ... .. .

You can also find & join us by clicking the buttons below..

AEF - TeamSpeak


AEF - Facebook

..find us in the
ED Public Lounge
..for our
Social Media

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2CAV Halloween eve special

Oct 22, 2015 - 8:05 PM - by sSPIDAa


Be part of a lost patrol wandering a strange land. With an eerie Fog looming over the team, things may turn nasty .
Discover an unknown EVIL presence and prepare to fight for your LIFE.

2030H AEDT on the



Members and Public welcome.

Please have all the mods ready before the night.

  4 Replies | 345 Views

OP Hordor

Sep 02, 2015 - 7:40 PM - by sSPIDAa


After many recent and successful campaigns 2CAV is now deployed into the Al Rayak region. Our mission is to push back the Russians and their illegal occupation of this area. The Russians have taken the entire landmass but in doing so they have stretched their forces thin and we have made a beach head on the the south west side of Al Rayak. We will use this as the main base for all operations. The Russians are well supplied and ready for war and they hold several airfield and FOB's. They have also set-up anti shipping missile sites which will make our resupply very difficult. So donít be expecting new equipment any time soon. We will have to live by our wits and within our means. Get ready for war gentlemen because this mission is going to be tough.

First night starts on the 04 Sep 2015 @ 2015h


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Vietnam Veterans Day

Aug 18, 2015 - 2:57 PM - by CaesarX


On this day the 18th August 2015, which marks the 53rd anniversary of Australia's participation in the Vietnam War the AEF would like to pay tribute to those Australians and New Zealanders who served their country in that conflict.

Irrespective of what your political or historical views are on the Vietnam War the fact is that tens of thousands of Australians and New Zealanders served in Vietnam and we should honour their contribution, their service and their sacrifice.

Today is Vietnam Veterans Day and on this day I would like to make a special mention of and pay tribute to AEF RtB. AEF RtB is a Vietnam Veteran who served his country and deserves our respect and thanks. His service to Australia is beyond the reach of most of us who haven't experienced what he endured and continues to endure to this day. It was only by the service of Australians such as AEF RtB that we maintain the stable and prosperous democracy that Australia currently is. On behalf of the entire AEF I would like to pay tribute to AEF RtB (Denis) for his service.

To those Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam War I also say thank you for your service and Lest We Forget.

Photo source: https://www.awm.gov.au/

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2CAV Op Bounty

Aug 15, 2015 - 12:33 PM - by Duck

- 2CAV Announces -
Operation BOUNTY

- Background -

Era: 1990 - 2000
Over the past 6 month a Peacekeeping force of the United Nations has been heavily involved in maintaining stability in the Takistan region.

2CAV have been deployed to the region as a Light Cavalry unit to undertake patrols as a show of force. We are here for the people.

This will be 2CAVís first patrol following a West, North, East then South track around the region. Previous patrols have gone before us and have reported coming across armed insurgents with Russian weapons, Technicals, IEDís and ambushes. Be prepared for anything. So Far there have been no reports of any armour.
Intel believes the only hostility is coming from some local insurgents trying to create unrest in the region. But they are unsure as to where they are getting their supplies from.

- Equipment -
For this campaign 2CAV will be supplied with a set of:
A Chinook
Tow Truck
And various supplies.
All the loadouts are premade and players can expect to use M4, M4 M203 and M249 weapons.

- Start Date -
21th of August
2030 AEST
This will be a six week campaign compleating on the 25th of September

Battle Order

- Mods -
@Cha_Lav25 - new
@leights_opfor - new

Repo Link

Pre Deployment Photo
  5 Replies | 347 Views

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