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AEF Battlefield 4 Tournament 2v2

Jul 25, 2014 - 12:00 AM - by Bowie

A_n____A_E_F___B_F_4____I_N_T_E_R - C_L_A_N____S_O_C_I_A_L____C_O_M_P_E_T_I_T_I_O_N
= === ===== ======= ========= ========================== ========= ======= ===== === =
AEF Battlefield 4 Tournament Results
= === ===== ======= ========= ========================== ========= ======= ===== === =
Congratulations to our Inaugural 2v2 Tournament Winners: __Angrybstard & Jacewrath

AEF’s first in-house clan tournament has come to an end, with our victors been Angrybstard and Jacewrath. The pair played well over the whole tournament, not missing any matches.

The Semi-finals consisted of three teams of two, (Angrybstard/Jacewrath, Bowie/Acez and Mr_Nevyn/DavieX) this was a nail biting couple of matches on Dawnbreaker, that went down to the wire with Acez/Bowie team winning by 1 point, unfortunately DavieX and Mr_Nevyn were eliminated leaving the final two teams to battle it out on Lancang Dam in the final.

Final Rnd 1
: The usual Run-n-Gun game play took the sideline and resulted in a slow paced hunt for the opposing team. With some considerably low scoring, Angrybstard and Jacewrath managed to win the first round by 1 point.

Final Rnd 2: This was a hide and seek round which had Angrybstard and Jacewrath hiding in the shipping container in the centre of the map, while Bowie and Acez ran around franticly trying to find there opponents. After 10 minutes Bowie cottoned on to there their location by the closed doors of the shipping container and was killed instantly upon opening of the door. For the next 5 minutes it was an intense two and fro for the lead with Bowie and Acez wining the round by 1 point forcing a tiebreaker.

After a quick decision between the two teams it was decided that it was to be, Op Locker showdown for the win.

Tie Breaker: Bowie and Acez had a bad start getting squad wiped and instantly giving Angrybstard and Jacewrath a two point lead. From here Bowie and Acez were pushing aggressively to try to reclaim the lead at witch Angrybstard and Jacewrath held there position defensively quickly taking out there opponents when they attacked. Angrybstard and Jacewrath had a decisive victory over Bowie and Acez, making them the first winners for the AEF Battlefield Tournaments... Congratulations!

As this was the first tournament we have found what works and what doesn’t, with a few changes expected for tournament 2 starting in the few months.

A big thank you to those who competed and good luck with the next tournament.

Here is 2 different perspectives of the footage from the finals.

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A3 Bootcamp

Jul 10, 2014 - 8:37 PM - by Duck

The Boot Camp update should be out tomorrow, Friday 11 July. Unfortunately, it is unsure whether it will be released awhile before, just before or after our Friday night mission.
(08:30pm AEST)

Update details are available:

Updates usually happen around 10:00pm - 03:000am AEST but it is unknown whether they will release the update at their normal time or earlier in the day. BE ADVISED THERE MAY BE A 1-2Gb UPDATE BEFORE MISSION NIGHT, it is recommended to have your Steam client running as it should auto update ready for the mission...if the update goes live early in the Czech day.

Thank you to PenguinInATuxedo for that information
Battle Order
Friday - Campaign Night

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2CAV Campaign 2

Jun 09, 2014 - 11:57 AM - by Duck


On Friday the 13th of June, 2CAV launched its second Arma 3 campaign, Operation RAPIER.

Unfortunately, Due to unforeseen issues with mods, We have reverted to a "Vanilla" game setup with only Task Force Radio being required.

The Story So Far...
The small island of Altis has had its government overthrown by the military. A company from NATO, portrayed by 2CAV, has been sent in to assist in the removal of the paramilitary forces.

All mods are available through PlayWithSix.
Op Rapier information and images are available:

Battle Orders
2CAV's Battle Orders have been updated with the addition of a second event per week. For the members see the links below for more information
Wednesday - Patrol Ops, Public Night
Friday - Campaign Night

2CAV - Battle Flag
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AEF Battalion News

May 25, 2014 - 2:32 AM - by Bowie

"Keeping you up to date with AEF's Battlefield 4 action"

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

As season one of the Cyber gamer ladders has come to an end, the AEF Battalion is left to look back and reflect on the good and bad of past matches.
The ladder underwent many rule changes throughout the ladder season, by the end the admins of Cyber Gamer had enforced a plethora of rules negating the use of “OP” weapons and vehicles, leaving us restricted to vanilla unlocks.
The early stages made the Recon class almost useless with TUGS and Motion balls banned, leaving us to rely purely on squad communication.
Some later rules restricting the use of Staff shells on tanks and active radar on Anti Air, changing the way teams can utilize mobility assets within matches.
Overall the rules made for an interesting adaption to the ladder and ensured that teams rely more on skill to secure a win.

10 v 10’s

The AEF Battalion team started the ladder in 32nd place, over the season we competed in 17 matches, as we slowly worked our way up the ladder the matches became more challenging and really tested the strength of the team. The team held strong and ended up finishing in 6th position at the end of the season. The Battalion looks forward to season 2 and hopes to finish even higher next time around.

16 v 16’s

Unfortunately the 16’s comp. didn’t really show much interest throughout the BF4 CG community with only a handful of matches played overall. This left the AEF Battalion team disappointed and unfulfilled as all members were chewing at the bit for some 16’s action. It looks as if season 2 may be the same case, however the team will remain positive that the ladder will pick up in activity.

5 v 5’s
The AEF currently has 2 teams competing in the 5’s; the AEF Battalion and the AEF Legal Corps, both teams weren’t very active in the 5’s for season one, only participating in a couple of matches each and concentrated mainly on the 10’s. Now that season 2 had begun the Legal corps has really focused its attention on the 5’s already competing in 4 matches with a 5th on its way. The Legal Corps hopes to be competing in 2 matches per week. With 54 current teams signed up for 5v5 the AEF wont be short of people to challenge.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

When the Battalion was formed it was a new team that hadn’t played with each other before, after a rigorous recruitment drive, regular training sessions and playing on open servers, we bonded as a team and learnt each others play styles. By the time the mid point in the ladder season arrived we were a well organized team with some excellent players.
With a large number of AEF members on every night playing together we have been able to effectively populate our public server opening the gates for new recruits, promoting the AEF and enabling our good name to be spread throughout the BF4 community.

Battlefield 4 and Battlelog have gone through a few updates introducing Platoons back again from BF3. We have maxed our platoon level at 25 with 34 members and a total of 181 game hours recorded playing together.
Battlefield 4 has introduced 3 DLC's so far (China Rising, Second Assault and Naval Strike) with the 4th in the not to distant future (Dragon's Teeth). Making becoming a Premium member worthwhile saving a bunch of money with the new content and maps included.

The AEF Battalion held its first BBQ/LAN night @ Brisbane for a RL social get together for the team, kindly hosted by I2esserected. With mebers being sprawled across the nation, we managed to get 6 Battalion members attend the evening which consisted of a belly full of food and a whole bunch of laughs. Drunkest man of the evening would have to go to Phatdigga who required a small nap on the couch towards the end of the night. Thanks to I2essurected and AnniCat for giving up your home for us to all meet at. Overall it was a good night for everyone to put names to faces and have a few laughs, it will be great to get a few more people next time. Keep an eye out in the next few months for the next Battalion event near you.

HOT NEWS!... The AEF is about to conduct its first Battlefield 4 Inter Community Tournament. We believe it will be a good way for AEF members to socialize together and provide a bit of friendly competition. The format of the tournament will be teams of 2, Squad Death Match, with 4 teams per map. Each round will be shuffled with the losing team been eliminated each round. We will run with “Regenerate Health” OFF and “Force Reload Full Magazines” ON. This will make for an interesting game that will test people’s skills. We are expecting to run a tournament every month, so if you are a BF4 player and are keen to get in on the action make yourself known and we will have you added to the list.
ALL AEF MEMBERS (incl. novices) are WELCOME.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

From day one i was impressed with the dedication of members, we have truly been an organized group of guys who have put 110% in and still managed to have fun, and THATS what counts. Battalion has competed in every single available ladder in Cyber-gamer. We Never forfeited a match and have managed to ALWAYS have numbers AND reserves. Myself, Bowie could not ask for more from our team then what you all have already given. We both look forward to the upcoming seasons and hope this dedication and fun atmosphere will continue.

Thanks...Angel (CO)

I encourage all Battalion members to maintain the same positive attitude over the next season as they did in the last. I personally thank everyone for making Battlefield as enjoyable as it has been and the level of commitment people have contributed to the team. You should all be proud to have progressed so far in such a small time and I look forward to playing with you in the future.

Thanks…Bowie (2IC)

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

Recruiting Now!

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Join the Resistance

May 19, 2014 - 9:57 PM - by Duck

Your house is gone...
Your car is gone...
All taken by foreigners....what do YOU do?

Join the resistance as it battles to take back its homeland.

**Anyone of any gaming level is welcome to join**

Start Time: 12pm AEST Saturday 24th May
Arrive 15 minutes early on TS to arrange squads.

2CAV will be hosting a 12 hour run of the ArmA 3 Resistance Mission. Mission begins at 12pm (lunchtime) and ends at 12am (midnight).
Join at any time throughout the day. This is an organised mission so plan to play in squads and with teamwork


Mods Allowed
@CBA_A3 @BlastCore_A3 @BlastCore_Tracers @JSRS2 @sthud_a3 @bloodmist @lsd_nvg @VTS_WeaponResting @outlw_magrepack @tmr

Members be sure to sign the battle order:

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