The following is the AEF Code of Conduct

The AEF Code of Conduct is governed by one defining principle: Respect for fellow gamers. The Code of Conduct is designed to promote mature, professional, competitive gaming alongside the basic principles of Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty.

1. Our Members:

  • AEF Members are expected to show respect to each others different beliefs, values and backgrounds.
  • Whilst representing the AEF, Members will not engage in any act deemed to be offensive in nature. This includes racist, sexist, derogatory or disrespectful conduct via any medium.
    This includes voice comms, instant messaging, forums, private messages and alike.
  • Whilst representing the AEF, members will not engage in, promote, condone, encourage or otherwise support or publicise any form of illegal conduct or behaviour as defined by Australian Law.

2. Our Reputation:

  • AEF members should display the AEF tag as often as possible to promote the clan and our reputation.
  • AEF members must never cheat, exploit bugs or disrupt others whilst in game and not disrupt AEF or Public forums, Voice Comms or any other forms of communication used by the AEF and our members.
  • AEF members will abide by game specific rules, which are designed to promote a fair and fun atmosphere for all members.

3. Our Organisation:

  • To effectively manage the AEF and our teams, and to recognise our members contribution, the AEF has a dedicated team of Administrators and Team COs. AEF members agree to accept that this authority structure will be enforced with common sense and with an understanding that we are gamers who wish to indulge in mature, professional and enjoyable gaming.
  • AEF Members agree to not communicate "on behalf of" the AEF or any of its component branch's without authorisation from AEF Administrators or the relevant team CO.

4. Our Teams:

  • AEF Members will respect the differences between Hardcore, Casual and Social gamers.
  • When joining an AEF team you agree to follow the team's Chain of Command and their commitment and management guidelines.

5. Our Discipline:

  • If an AEF Member breaches the Code of Conduct, that person agrees to support senior management in any investigation into an incident.
  • AEF Members agree to accept our disciplinary decisions and most importantly agree to learn by disciplinary proceedings and from then on uphold the spirit of the Code of Conduct.