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    161 SQUADRON - New Member Enlistment Information

    Q: Who are you guys?

    A: The 161 Squadron has consisted of some of the most hard-core simulator fanatics in Australia, and have some interesting personalities on the roster from the local Oz Simulation scene. We have been playing Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) in multiplayer as a group since DCS: Black Shark was first released as a Russian version in 2008. AEF’s 161 Squadron formed from a few lads local to the AEF and it just grew from there as the word got out in the community.

    The 161 Squadron is the largest Australian DCS multiplayer group that actively plays the game each week online. There might be bigger virtual squadrons out there juggling a few titles, but we hone in on just the DCS franchise, and that’s what makes us special and attracts players to the group. We have predominately Australian and New Zealand pilots on the roster. We encourage international sim-pilots to check us out and are welcome to participate and join the group.

    We hit the Dedicated AEF 161 SQN Server as a group quite regularly, and numbers are usually around 6-10 pilots most sessions consisting of both Members and Guests alike. Plenty for this type of multiplayer simulation.

    Our community events with other squadrons attract much higher numbers and you will need to book a slot on the forums for the mission night.

    Q: How do I join 161 Sqn?

    A: There are 4 very easy steps you have to do to start the process.

    1. You have to register your name on the AEF website so you can post on forums and have access to the website. Try not to pick anything too silly as this will become your call-sign in Teamspeak. If your name is for example, Sidewinder_590 then just shorten it to Sidewinder and get rid of all the pointless numbers. One word names are usually the best. If you're looking for inspiration or just want to have a laugh at the fighter community then check out F-16 Call Sign's
    2. Make a Forum Post in the AEF Contact Us Forum stating your interest to join.

    3. Make a PM on the AEF website to the 161 SQN Team Recruiter - Panthro. He will get in touch with you via a website PM and organise a time for a Verbal Induction.

    4. Download Teamspeak 3 (Client), and test that you can get onto the DCS Community TS3 server. Details HERE. Just check that you can connect, it's where we game. Make sure your microphone is working.

    After your online with the 161 Squadron in Teamspeak and had a game or 2, the Team Recruiter will do a Verbal Induction (V.I) with you. It’s a small briefing on the AEF, the team, who’s who and what we do. After this briefing you’ll be a Full Member of the AEF Clan, and an AEF 161 Team Pilot. We cannot validate your membership unless we actually see you in Teamspeak playing DCS.

    Membership to this group is a privilege, not a rite. The AEF doesn't ask for sponsorship or money donations, but it does ask that you represent us in the image we have worked hard for years obtaining. When joining the AEF forums you would have to have read the ‘Code of Conduct’. This is what makes our sessions second to none. As we uphold those values.

    It describes the values we hold on respecting your peers, the team, and the game while playing under the banner on the 161 Sqn. No one ruins the time we have in gaming sessions. These DCS activities are heavy moderated with our game server moderators often in channel while we game, and if any dysfunctional idiots try to upset the balance they get quickly booted and swiftly shown the door.

    The external DCS online communities know the 161 SQN for its fair play, honest gaming, and dedicated competitive streak in its membership. All of my boys in the 161 Squadron are outstanding lads in Teamspeak, keen to teach anyone willing to put in the hours, and absolute gentlemen in the servers. The average demographic for 161 SQN is 38yrs, and range from business owners, pilots, ex-military and students. All mature sim-hobbists.

    Q: What nights do the 161 Sqn get together? Where do you meet-up?

    A: We have a few events during the week and the tone of the sessions varies depending on the night, and what the guys want to do each week. More information can be found on our forums.

    Players from a wide gamut of skill levels attend online sessions.

    Q: How do I get on the AEF 161 Sqn DCS Server?

    A: The Dedicated AEF 161 Sqn DCS Server is currently the fastest DCS server in the southern herisphere. For team or organised community events we will have a password on the server, and it will be only accessible to 161 SQN members and Guests in the TS3 DCS Community Server channels. If you wish to join in these events please use the forums for more details.

    Our Hosted AEF Server should pop up in the GUI on DCS Multiplayer.

    Q: I’m just learning the game and have no idea how to fly it, who can I talk to for help?

    A: We have quite a few members that are capable of teaching you, and we welcome all new players to the game. We have taught new-comers from that first installation of DCS, to killing targets and leading flights of 4 experienced pilots beside them. So if you’re keen to learn, have a bit of patience, then we can teach you.

    DCS World and it's modules are majority military commissioned simulator software/s to train combat pilots, and are then later converted for public consumption in the home entertainment market. This level of realism is unprecedented but is also difficult to master as a hobbyist sim gamer. It’s never easy starting this hobby for the first time, but the boys make it accessible and can walk you through any trouble areas. The fastest way to learn a game is to attend Battle Orders each week, ask questions and just log up the hours in game.

    If you would like to get a head start before joining these sessions then we recommend working through the tutorials within the DCS Game, especially the Start Up Sequence (as all of our sessions require a ramp start), Mavericks, and maybe the Target Guidance Pod.

    Q: Is this game only about one type of aircraft, and do you guys only play DCS?

    A: Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a free, unified interface for all DCS products; you can think of DCS World as a simulation operating system. DCS modules that can plug into DCS World can include aircraft, maps, ground units, campaigns, etc. Not only can DCS World include modules developed internally by Eagle Dynamics, but it can also include those by certified third party developers.

    DCS World not only includes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that ties all DCS products together in a single installation, but it also includes the global aspects of the simulation world that pertains to all modules. This includes such items such as the Artificial Intelligence (AI), rendering system, mission editor, effects, AI units, semi-dynamic campaign system, and audio environment.

    When a user purchases a DCS module, the module only includes content specific to that module. Thus, it requires DCS World to run.

    The 161 SQN will support the DCS World series of titles, along with (at time of writing) Falcon BMS.

    Q: Is it fun? Should I buy it? How hard is it?

    A: Yes, it's a lot of fun. Especially in Multiplayer when the beers are cold, the laughs are plenty and you try something new for the first time; albeit formation flying in a thunderstorm at night in the Warthog, multiple JDAM strikes from 20,000 feet, Night KA-50 missions... The options are endless. I personally haven’t even played the single player campaign, as the comedy, fun and guidance I get playing with the guys just wouldn’t compare to an AI experience.

    Buy it if you think you'll like ‘Study Sims’. Like previously mentioned these are complicated software training tools to train pilots. So my advice is just to look around in YouTube for any DCS Videos and watch some of the training videos. If that bores your socks off then maybe something less complicated is more for you. This isn’t for everyone. But don’t be scared and think it’s ‘beyond your ability’. If I can fly this thing and have some fun then and surely anyone can. It just takes time and patience and you don't need the latest gear to play this. I played DCS for over 12 months with a 4-5 yr old system and a $25 joystick from eBay. Still kept up with the lads and killed the tanks!

    Q: How much did it cost? Where did you get it?

    A: DCS World is FREE which includes two fully functional aircraft. Additional aircraft modules pricing varies (regular specials) but can range from aprx. $15- $50 each and available at Digital Combat Simulator Website, and is also available on Steam. Thats damn cheap for a brilliant industry changing simulator.

    Q: I want to organize an event with the 161 Sqn, or contact the 161 Squadron - Group Admin. Who should I talk to?

    A: You can post on our public DCS forums. Or you can PM the 161 Team CO - Panthro.

    Q: Are you guys associated in any way to the 161 Indep (Recce) Flt?

    A: We are in no way associated with that group, or any Australian Defence Force unit in any capacity. We play videogames here. More information on the 161 Indep (Recce) Flt can be found HERE. We encourage you to have a read of this website to broaden your knowledge of Australian military aviation.

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