Simulation gaming in the AEF has had a long illustrious history. We welcome you to these Forums and hope you enjoy your time within the AEF Simulation Department.

By creating an all-encompassing forum hub it makes it easier for new users to become familiar with the different aspects of simulation, and the many of titles our members play here, both on a casual level and within dedicated gaming teams.

There are 4 sub forums each detailing a different aspect of sim gaming. Racing, Aviation, Land, Naval. We suggest looking through the related type of simulation forum, and to post in these areas that are relevant to your post.

The Simulation Department in the AEF has had a slight overhaul with the advent of our new AEF website. The aim behind the layout is to make forum navigation more intrinsic to new players, and to do away with scattered sim forums all over the website. We now have embedded Private Team Sub-Forums within the Host Games Public Forum. This makes it easier to find and navigate, and makes housekeeping a cinch. To get access and ‘see’ these Private Forums you must first be a team member. See the relevant information in the individual public game forums.

We hope you enjoy this forum corner of the AEF, and explore a gaming environment that’s leading the multiplayer gaming scene in Australia.