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    DCS Community Teamspeak Server Details & Rules


    This Teamspeak 3 server was designed as a home to many DCS squadrons and lone-pilots from all countries and nationalities. The members who frequent this community server consist of a wide variety of skill levels, and it is an obligation of those participating to help those around us. This server is a valuable tool in communicating in game with each other, and to bring an already small community into one spot to create the best multiplayer environment available in DCS.

    We have channels for TARS, hanging out, serious Tactical Mission Nights, casual multiplayer pubbing in the servers around the world, a few different simulation titles, and catching up with like minded individuals online.

    The rules are simple:

    This server isn’t run by a single online squadron, but rather is hosted by the AEF for everyone to use in a cooperative fashion. As such there are no required donations. It is free to the community. If your squadron would like to join this community, and have its own private team channels then please post here or contact and PM Crow to discuss this further.

    Also if you have any feedback / complaints / or praise regarding this server then please post in this topic.

    We hope you enjoy this tool, and become an active part in a growing online community.
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    Joined you guys on the server tonight and the process was painless. Very nice setup.

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