Patch Notes

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Build 329614 to 334471 addresses Patch notes for Crucible 1.1

Patch notes for EVE Online: Crucible 1.1

To be released Tuesday, January 24, 2012. Please note that all notes with a strike though will not be released in Crucible 1.1 but will be deployed at a later date. The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:
•Windows from Crucible 1.0.4 to Crucible 1.1 is 31 MB
•Windows full client 5 GB
•Mac from Crucible 1.0.4 to Crucible 1.1 is 37 MB
•Mac full client 5.9 GB


Player Owned Stations, Starbases and Outposts
•Starbases now use Fuel Blocks for all their non-reinforcement and non-charter fuel needs. Small towers use 10 blocks per hour, medium towers use 20 blocks per hour and large towers use 40 blocks an hour. Power and CPU use no longer alter your fuel needs.
•Fuel bays on all Control Towers have been reduced in size again and will now be the same volume as they were in Crucible 1.0 (ie 140,000/70,000/35,000). Overloaded towers will continue to function as normal in all respects, except that you will not be able to add fuel to them until they are less than 100% full. It shall be possible to remove fuel as normal to achieve this.
•Faction towers use 10% less fuel for the "tier 1" variety and 20% less fuel for the "tier 2" variety.


•We have made the following changes to Assault Ships:
•All Assault Ships now have a new Role Bonus: 50% reduction in MicroWarpdrive signature radius penalty
•The following changes have been made to the Retribution •New bonus: 7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking speed per skill level.
•+1 mid slot
•+15 CPU
•+200 armor hp

•The following changes have been made to the Vengeance •New bonus: 5% bonus to Missile Launcher Rate of Fire per level.
•+1 high slot
•+10 CPU

•The following changes have been made to the Harpy •New bonus: 5% bonus to shield resistances.
•+1 low slot
•+200 shield hp
•+10 CPU

•The following changes have been made to Hawk •New bonus: 5% bonus to Missile Launcher Rate of Fire per level.
•+1 mid slot
•+10 CPU

•The following changes have been made to the Enyo •New bonus: +5% damage changed to 10% bonus to damage
•+1 mid slot
•+10 CPU

•The following changes have been made to the Ishkur •New bonus: 10% bonus to drone hitpoints per level
•+1 low slot

•The following changes have been made to the Jaguar •New bonus: 7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret Tracking per level
•+1 low slot
•+200 Shield
•+10 CPU

•The following changes have been made to the Wolf •New bonus: 7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret Tracking per level
•+1 low slot
•+200 armor hp
•+10 CPU

•The Neocom has been updated with new and improved functionality. Navigation has been improved and a new EVE Menu has been added and users can customize the Neocom as they see fit.
•Resizing the Neocom. •Users can resize the Neocom by dragging the right side edge of the Neocom itself.

•Avatar thumbnail. •By hovering over the avatar thumbnail, users see their character's name and click the thumbnail to open up the Character Sheet.

•Skill Queue. •Below the avatar thumbnail there is a progress bar that shows the progression of the current skill being trained. Hovering over it will show the name of the skill in a tooltip window and clicking on it opens the Skill Queue.

•Chat. •By default, the Chat window is available right below the skill queue progress bar in the Neocom.
•Users can click the Chat icon and get a list of active channels.

•Create Group. •Users can create custom groups in the Neocom root by right-clicking on the EVE Menu ('E' Icon) at the top of the Neocom.
•Users and put any icon from the menu root, or the EVE Menu into the custom groups.

•At the top of the Neocom there is a new EVE Menu ('E' Icon) where all menu options can be found. The root of the Neocom acts as a shortcut bar and users can move icons around, delete them from the root and add new ones from the EVE menu. No matter what is done to the root, the EVE Menu always has all the options available to users through the Neocom. Users can only remove, add and reorganize icons in the root menu, the EVE Menu index is always the same. Users can drag icons from the EVE Menu to the root of the Neocom which will create a shortcut for it.
•All active windows will be displayed in the Neocom root even if they only exist in the EVE Menu when closed. The root acts as a shortcut and overview for all windows that are open. If more icons are displayed than can be shown at once they will be moved into a 'More' Menu that shows other icons in a sub menu when opened. Icons that point to menus that are currently open will always have a certain 'Open' state to indicate they are already open. If the user clicks an icon for a window that is already open it will put that window into the front if it was behind other windows, but if it is already in front it will minimize that window. Icons that show looping highlighting effect are asking for the users attention because of an update. For example if the user gets a new message through EVE Mail. This can be turned off in the Esc Menu.

World Shaping
•The storage capacity on all Planetary Interaction storage pins has been increased from 5000m3 to 12000m3 so that it may better compete with the space port.

•The application of bonuses that modify shield capacity have been modified in the following way: When the shield capacity is modified for any reason, the shield charge percentage will be maintained after the modification. This is primarily aimed at improving the experience of shield fleets when jumping. If your fleet booster’s bonus is applied whilst your ship is at 100% shields your shields will still be at 100% after the bonus is applied. When boarding a ship in space you will also benefit from this, so if it had full shields before you boarded it, it will have full shields once all skills have been applied. Capacitor charge will also be treated in the same way when capacitor capacity is modified.
•You can now shift click a module to overload it. The overload button will now show feedback from when you clicked it until it’s overloaded (and same for deactivating overload)
•The Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor now correctly shows the meta level of 7 instead of 0.
•The Omnidirectional Tracking Link II now has higher skill requirements than its Tech I variant.
•We have added meta level 11, 12 and 13 Invulnerability Fields.
•We have made a slight decrease to the CPU requirements of all capital shield transfer modules.
•Triage module II now provides a 20% capacitor reduction to remote capital remote armor repair systems, capital remote hull repair systems, capital shield transporters and capital energy transfer arrays while in triage mode.
•Sister core probe launcher and expanded probe launcher boost to scan probe strength has been increased from 5 to 10%.
•Skirmish Warfare Link – Interdiction Maneuvers II effectiveness has been increased from 3.5 to 3.75%
•Information Warfare Link – Sensor Integrity II effectiveness has been increased from 3.5 to 3.75%
•Information Warfare Link – Electronic Superiority II effectiveness for Remote Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors has been increased from 1.25 to 1.5%
•Mining Foreman Link – Mining Laser Field Enhancement II effectiveness has been increased from 5 to 5.625%
•Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link max range and tracking speed multipliers for drones have been increased from 1.25 to 1.3x
•Bomb launcher II capacity increased from 150 to 225m3

Weapons & Ammunition
•The falloff and range bonuses of Null ammo has been increased from 1.25 to 1.4.
•In order to simplify the naming system in EVE, the following changes have been made to Weapons & Ammunition: •All EM missiles will now have the name ‘Mjolnir’.
•All Thermal missiles will now have the name ‘Inferno’.
•All Kinetic missiles will now have the name ‘Trauma’.
•All Explosive missiles will now have the name ‘Nova’.
•All scripts now carry the suffix ‘Script’ after their name. This affects Focused Warp Disruption, Optimal Range Disruption, Tracking Speed Disruption, Scan Resolution, Targeting Range, Optimal Range and Tracking Speed.
•Shield hardeners, Shield resistance amplifiers, Armor hardeners, Energized plating and Resistance plating will all have a new prefix based on the damage type. These new prefixes will simply be EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive.
•Shield hardeners, Shield resistance amplifiers, Armor hardeners, Energized plating and Resistance plating which allow for multiple resist types will now carry the prefix ‘Adaptive’.
•Modules and weapons for Capital, Battleships, Cruisers and Frigates will now show a size of XL, Large, Medium or Small for almost all items. Some exceptions will apply for named modules or X Large shield boosters for battleships. Unfortunately the list of all modules is much too large to fit into patch notes.

•A filter box has been added above your skill list in the character sheet, and in the skill queue, so you can now easily and quickly find that skill you are looking for.

Boosters & Implants
•Skill Hardwiring implants have been simplified. Each hardwiring will now show what it effects in the name. For example, Hardwiring - Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' LX-0 will now become Hardwiring - 'Gunslinger' Large Projectile Turret LX-001.

Player Owned Stations, Starbases and Outposts
•Removed the ‘Attack if Aggression’ option from starbase control towers.
•Added automatic calendar entries for control towers indicating when they run out of fuel.
•Control tower fuel notification has been made optional.

•Using assistance modules on a Factional Warfare buddy who is an outlaw or has a Global Criminal Flag will no longer result in a standings hit from your own faction

Agents & Missions
•Agent entries now have information on if you have been offered a mission or accepted one from said agent.

Factional Warfare
•We have made some changes to how Alliances can contribute and participate in Factional Warfare •The executor corporation of an alliance may sign up for Factional Warfare in the usual way.
•When the standings check is done, standings are checked for ALL corporations in the alliance; if any of them do not meet the standings requirement, none of them are allowed to join at that time.
•If ANY corporations standing drops below the required threshold, then ALL corps in the alliance are sent a mail informing them which corporation has dropped below the requirement. If the issue is not fixed within 48 hours, ALL corporations in the alliance are removed from Factional Warfare as if they had violated the standings requirements themselves.
•The executor corporation may choose to quit Factional Warfare in the normal manner, in which case ALL corporations in the alliance are removed from FW as if they had quit themselves.
•Corporations may choose to leave the alliance at any time in the normal way, in which case they will also be removed from Factional Warfare as if they voluntarily quit.
•Corporations may choose to join the alliance in the normal way, but must meet the standings requirement for joining Factional Warfare to do so. They are joined to Factional Warfare as if they had chosen to join normally, but are thereafter subject to the rules listed.
•Corporations who are already signed up to Factional Warfare may join an alliance signed up to the same faction without first quitting.

•Collision for Customs offices has been reduced in size.

•Added API calls:
* /char/Locations.xml.aspx
* /corp/Locations.xml.aspx
Both calls require a comma separated list of ids.
Cache Timer = 60 minutes, CachedUntil is not accurate as with any other bulk call.

These can ONLY be valid locationIDs (that is items which have meaningful location coordinates. (0, 0, 0) returned for items in hangars that could have valid coordinates) and must be owned by the character or corporation associated with the key. Any attempts at illegal input will result in a completely empty return. This is done to avoid any sort of scraping or giving out more information than is appropriate (f.e. validating that a given itemID is indeed a valid location but does not belong to the owner associated with the key). To differentiate this form of invalid input from other invalid input error code 135 will be thrown for this error.

Example call parameters: corp/Locations.xml.aspx?keyID=43&vCode=unnarCorp&ids=10 00000013311,1000000013312

Returns a rowset of rows with the elements: itemID, itemName, x, y, z.
Example return rows:
row itemid="1000000013311" itemname="Cloning Service" x="-248865546240" y="-9446154240" z="192292823040">
row itemid="1000000013312" itemname="Repair Service" x="-248865546240" y="-9446154240" z="192292823040
•Created a new access mask called MemberTrackingExtended.
Renamed the access mask called MemberTracking to MemberTrackingLimited.
All current CAK keys which used to expose the now deprecated MemberTracking call (i.e. location, ship, roles and such info) have now been switched to Limited tracking. Anybody wishing to expose more information must update their key settings.
This makes the CAK version of the call compatible with the LEGACY version of the call, which would only supply the Extended version to Director keys (and all CAK keys are essentially director keys).
•Error messages for Kill Logs have been clarified to notify user that:
1) Error code 119: Kill Logs only go a month back.
2) Error code 120: The expected killID, that has been returned, should be supplied rather than whatever was supplied.
3) Error Code 118: Refresh kill log with no killID supplied for most recent kills.
4) Error Code 119 and 120: Reminder that each application should have their private kill log key.

The reason for 4) is that we do not cache the return set for various reason, only the position in the kill log. For legacy keys it is bound to userID (which is rather bad I'll admit) but for Custom Access Keys the return is bound to the keyID.
•CharacterID call will no longer potentially return a list of (name, ID) tuples including a name that was not included in the input parameters. Return will now always match to both input and return from CharacterName call return.
•As CharacterName stopped servicing typeNames recently (and nobody reported it) we've introduced /eve/typeName.xml.aspx which will accept up to 250 typeIDs (argument names ids as other ID->Name calls) and return their typeName.
•When passing in transactionIDs that the underlying transaction walker does not recognize, the code will do its best to approximate desired output and return that rather than just error. An ID will refresh the most recent transactions, too low will just use the oldest transactionID and a nonexistant one that fits between the preceding two ranges will approximate to the closest transactionID in the walker.

Furthermore, asking for the single most recent transactions, and then requesting the two most recent transaction on the same walker will now return the two most recent transactions rather than time out. Previously loading up a single record frontpage would demand that you pass in fromIDs to continue walking back in the transaction history.

User Interface
•Added search keyword hints and auto-completion to the asset search text box along with an option to list available search terms.
•A compact member list is now available in chat by right clicking on the tab for chat. This means you don’t see the portrait and can see more pilots in the list.
•You can now right click on the online character notification pop-up to get the context menu for that character.
•The online character notification now displays the standings icon.
•When you are notified of a friend logging on you can start conversations through the icon
•The watch list can now contain up to 15 fleet members.
•You can now reorder your watch list by dragging and dropping pilots around in it.
•Fixed an issue where a stored fitting sometimes wouldn’t be fully applied to a ship.
•Removed a redundant right click option for color in the EWAR menu within the Appearance tab of the Overview Settings.
•Fleet broadcasts will now show in the format "Target (Type)", such as "Target CCP Punkturis (Maelstrom)"


Character Creation and New Player Experience
•Skill books awarded during the tutorial, while you are in space in a pod, are correctly placed in your items hangar. You no longer have to wait until downtime for it to become accessible.
•Fixed hair rendering on portraits.

Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations
•True Sansha Small Pulse Battery now correctly unanchors in 5 seconds.

•Clarified the text of the bonus for 'Proteus Engineering - Capacitor Regeneration Matrix'.
•The Charon and the Rhea now fire on all their boosters again.
•The Malice now correctly applies its armor resistance skill bonus.

•The Warp Disruption Field Generator II module now works correctly up to its max range as indicated under its attributes.

Market & Contracts
•Fixed a minor data issue which now makes Corpses searchable via Contract Search.
•When searching in the market window right clicking on the result no longer loads up market data but correctly provides the right click menu functionality.
•Small 'Wolf' Shield Extender and Medium 'Canyon' Shield Extender blueprints now have the "Find in Contracts" option available.

•Reduced the size of the Minmatar Hub station collision.
•The 'cog' logo icon has had its size increased.
•Explosion effects no longer get 'stuck' on the ship graphic.
•Re-added missing diffuse texture to the Minmatar Outpost.
•Corrected the placement of the animated lights found on the Gallente Outpost model.
•Client maximize function will get updated correctly every time a resize event is sent.
•Fixed turret colors for the following ships: Basilisk, Broadsword, Bustard, Buzzard, Cerberus, Claw, Deimos, Eagle, Falcon, Harpy, Hound, Huginn, Hyena, Muninn, Purifier, Rapier, Scimitar, Scorpion Ishukone Watch, Sentinel, Stiletto, Vargur, Vulture.
•A graphics corruption when optimizing the graphics settings was fixed.
•The largest stars have had their brightness reduced.
•Resolved an issue where 'yellow' and 'red' boxes would appear over the tractor beam turret model.
•When taking a screenshot with high quality enabled in settings now saves as a .PNG instead of .BMP.
•Tactical Overlap will no longer receive the distortion effect while in warp.

Agents & Missions
•Pilots will now be able to complete the Level 2 mission Dead Drift without problems.
•The acceleration gate in the first room of The Anomaly (1 of 3) is now open for a short time after it's unlocked to allow multiple pilots to activate it and enter the next room.

Exploration & Deadspace
•Blood Raiders no longer appear at Guristas Rally Points

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat
•Fixed the mail sent when gaining a promotion in Factional Warfare.
•The EVE University channel's label has been renamed to "EVE University (E-UNI)"

User Interface
•The HUD will now remain invisible when jumping into a new system when the User Interface has been toggled off.
•Capital and Supercapital ships will now receive the correct message when trying to use a stargate.
•Lock on timer will now display correctly when leaving a fleet.
•The blocked contacts tab in the People and Places window now informs you if you've blocked all unknown contacts.
•You can now drag ship fitting links into the Notepad.
•Fixed the issue of Planetary Launches disappearing from the journal. This was occurring when the journal was closed with the Planetary Launches tab selected.
•Fixed contextual menu text for courier contracts.
•Text clipping in the LP Store Filters window has been fixed.
•Long item names in the Contract details window will no longer leak outside of the window.
•Linked fitting window no longer resets its size every time it is opened.
•Text clipping in a confirmation dialog in character customization that occurred when the UI was scaled has been fixed.
•UI Scaling: The New Character Customization will now scale much better.
•The Star Map will now load correctly if a pilot tries to show a Corporation's Home on the map.
•Item names will now be consistent in capitalization in all windows relating to Contracts.
•All added station way points are now correctly highlighted in the overview when using the Autopilot functionality.
•Changed capitalization behavior for Roles in the Edit Member Details window for corporation members.
•An issue with the Mail UI elements overlapping each other has been fixed.
•When viewing a Courier Contract the volume will be accurate to one decimal place in the Contract description.
•An issue with the Cosmic Signatures menu in the Scanner Filter Editor has been fixed.
•Windows of containers being repackaged are now closed automatically preventing you from moving items into black holes.
•Improved readability of the skill queue finishing time text in the Training Queue window. It will now read "Completes on YYYY.DD.MM at HH:MM"
•Moved the buttons in the System Scanner slightly apart.
•Dragging and dropping links into text fields such as the Notepad and Chat now works correctly.
•Removed an accidental line break at the top of the Module tooltip found in the Ship UI HUD.
•Fixed time formatting in journal regarding times on courier contracts.
•Fleet adverts that do not have the "Application Requires Approval" checkbox applied will not show the text in the advert anymore.

Localized Clients
•Fixed some issues with the client not using appropriate decimal signs and grouping signs in localized number formatting.
•:Updated several Cyrillic characters to be more readable.

•The collision for Acceleration gates has been resized to reduce the possibility of ship entanglement when initiating gate acceleration.
•Reinforced Metal Scraps's volume has been adjusted to match the volume of regular metal scraps.
•EVE Online Installer and Patcher now support Hard Drive partitions up to 250TB.
•The clock of clients is now synchronized regularly with the server to reduce problems (like freezes at jumping) caused by unstable client clocks.
•System J115418 now has correct navigational data for moons.
•Fixed information message for lack of powergrid when onlining structures at a starbase.
•Fixed contractor field in contracts when private contracts are accepted by corp.
•Fixed some formatting and values in exported market information to file.
•Fixed some errors in displaying the name of Medium Hull Repair II Blueprints.
•Fixed the notification sent to shareholders when corporations pay out dividends.
•Fixed the string generated for votes proposing the removal of a corporation member.

Last minute additions - MOAR notes
•The “Apply” button can no longer overlap other text in the Control Tower Manager window.
•The Station Services window will no longer jump around while opening and closing the map in stations.
•T2/faction/mining crystals now correctly display their damage-per-use chance.
•All Tech 2 blueprints will no longer have market entries. Any blueprint that's ever been used for manufacturing or research cannot be listed on the market, which is assumed to apply to all T2 BPOs, and having a market entry for them is causing showinfo to have a "view market details" button rather than "find in contracts".
•Checkboxes in Starbase Sentry Gun management are now correctly spaced.
•The Nighthawk description now more accurately describes its abilities.