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    The Grey


    The Grey is a mix of a few genres. Survival, horror... well thatís all I can think of right now. But thereís tension. Lots of tension.

    Liamís the guy who knows a few things about the outdoors and wolves. So itís handy that he survived the epic plane crash with a handful of tough fellaís and they are all going to try and find some help. But thereís wolves. Big nasty fuck off wolves.

    I wonít spoil it for those who have been waiting for this one. But itís well done, the pace is consistent and I liked the pack mentality both with the wildlife and the survivors: The Alpha, the challenging Omega, and the Pack.

    There is a small 5 second clip after the credits. It doesnít reveal anything obvious but I like to think itís a mirror of a moment from the first act of the movie. But I wouldn't sit in a cinema and watch 13 minutes of end credits to watch it. Apparently the guy who play Robert Leckie from The Pacific is in this. I couldnít spot him anywhere.

    I like that this isnít the same pappy nonsense that seems to be flooding my local cinema so I reckon you should see it rather than Tower Heist or some other crap.

    IMBd has given this 7.5/10 and Iíd rate it the same.

    I donít think I want a German Sheppard anymore...

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    Re: The Grey

    Yer this looks good.

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