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    Crucible 1.5 March 13th, 2012

    Flashy New Rookie Ships

    No ship left behind in the ongoing effort to keep the look and tech of EVE's graphics up to date. New pilots and the freshly podded will find their rookie ships now sport some new textures and even a bit of redesign.

    DED Complexes Get Even More Love

    Ratters and mission runners receive a wave of new DED content for Blood Raider, Sansha and Serpentis pirate factions. Over 50 sites have been added, bringing new challenges and an array of new high-end modules that are sure to please those lucky enough to procure them.
    More Detail in Target Gauges

    Hovering over the Structure, Armor and Shield bars of your targets will now reveal the percentage remaining, allowing pilots to better see how close their enemy is to glorious explosion time.
    Science and Industry Panel Blueprint Sorting

    Industrialists with stockpiles of blueprints can now find the one they need faster using the new search filter in the Science and Industry Panel.
    Fleet Watch List Additions

    Following up the features added to the watch list in Crucible 1.1, we've built a few more functions to enhance usability and the current feature set.

    Clear Watch List Button - Clear and close an entire watch list with one click.

    Watch List Drag and Drop - Fleet members can be added to a watch list by dragging them to the window.

    Visual Improvements - Appearance changes provide better visibility and usability of bars and other window elements.

    Team Avatarís Interface Enhancement Pack

    Storming forward with the mission to make 'hard' a battlecry for space combat and not the UI, Team Avatar brought a new level of ease-of-use and functionality to how players interact with and play the game. The patch notes for Crucible 1.5 have the full list of updates, but here are some of the highlights:

    Character Creator

    Portrait snapshots now retain background, pose, and lighting settings, allowing you to switch between them without altering work you had previously done and saved.

    Each of the four portraits can be triggered with the F1-F4 keys,

    "Stand still!" Idle animation will now pause while you are sculpting your character.

    An invalid name will indicate such prior to the player clicking to confirm their character instead of after.

    The interface for tucking shirts, pants and shoes is now more visible.

    HUD and Panels

    Personal assets are now sorted by most assets at the top

    More information has been added to the Route tab in the Solar System window

    Icons for the selected item now has a right-click dropdown of options

    EVE Market

    Color coding of market orders allows you to see if the item is located along your current route

    Modify order window now has a button to show market details for the product in question

    Drag and drop functionality has been added to the market Quickbar to support quickly adding modules and items from your inventory

    Shift dragging blueprints into Quickbar allows you to dynamically add a shopping list for various industry jobs, such as manufacturing

    Optimized Localization

    Improvements have been made to increase performance and reduce memory usage of Cerberus, the new localization engine.

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