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    COD Division starting up

    Hi guys I would like to start up the TLR again so post in here if would like to join up .

    I will be on TS tonight hit me up .

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    Once BO II comes out, and with dedicated servers, would probably be interested in playing CoD again then.

    not enough time to commit with other games and uni work as of current.
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    Yes,,,what Sabre said...BO2
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    Ill throw my hands up for this! But as a reserve, depending on the game, and depending on if pd. plans on going anywhere. Sort of died in the ass and is boring the shit out of me...
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    I'm in the same situation as uni so I don't have much time. I will most likely be getting BO2 for the PC so I would be happy to play COD again even if it is just on a pubbing basis. Maybe if we can't get a team for competition just make a pub stomping team hahaha

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