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    MotoGP Video Project: Rossi vs Lorenzo

    Hey guys. This has nothing to do with videogames but I just got Sony Vegas Pro 12 today and thought I would do a MotoGP video project for my Tamiya Yamaha 1/12 YZR-M1 building thread. Its just adding a title sequence, cutting and blending chunks of film, fading parts and adding background music. Pretty simple stuff but it still took me 1/2 a day, lol. Its good practice for some DCS / 161 SQN films I plan on building soon.

    Big thanks goes to AEF Azraeil for walking me through it.

    Anyway, for you racing guys you might appricate some MotoGP from 2009.

    Heres my fav Battle since watching MotoGP for the last few years. Catalunya 2009. You can watch it in HD by following the link.

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    Good Job, that whole documentary was awesome too.

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    Seems to have lots of polish crow, if I didnt know you made it I'd say it was from a TV sports show.

    here is my first vid (in vegas8) is in Arma2 in the A10a, I was really happy with the logo swipe I made (even if I did get the wong developer in the credits)

    I am hoping to be able to make something from a Face of Friday night at some stage.

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    Great stuff Crow. As Panthro said it looks like it was professionally edited. Can't wait to see more.

    As a side note, now that Casey Stoner is out of MotoGP at least the trip to Phillip Island this year isn't going to be accompanied by a sea of humanity like it has in the last few years. I haven't missed a 500cc/MotoGP race at Phillip Island since 1987. I still long for the days of Gardner, Doohan, Beattie, Rainy, Swantz and Spencer.

    "Games come and go and Teams come and go but the AEF endures"

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    definitely have a go of making more and post your efforts.

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    Its going to be hard making the Ka50 look as exciting as that race Crow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fangav View Post
    Its going to be hard making the Ka50 look as exciting as that race Crow.
    Lies. Anything can be made exciting with good music

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    Sounds interesting! Really loved the whole documentary tutorial. Hope to share here some more Moto GP project videos soon. Thanks in advance!

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