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    The AEF Community is synonymous with the Battlefield series. The AEF over the years has supported eSport teams that have appeared on TV, won large sums of money in competitions, and been successful in various ladders since Battlefield 1942. It's a great opportunity for any player wishing to get involved. One of the things people like about the AEF is its brand integrity to fair-play, teamwork, maturity and a will to win. And we apply those attributes in a fun, light hearted yet competitive environment online.

    AEF Members have access to a large range of facilities open to members like Private Team Forums, Teamspeak Channels and various servers supporting a wide gamut of gaming titles. To wear the AEF prefix means that YOU subscribe to the core values which is outlined in our Code Of Conduct. If you are interested in becoming a member then I suggest having a quick glance of our values, our forums, and the way our members participate online by joining us in Teamspeak for some games.

    Speaking personally I have had a great time in the AEF over the years, met heaps of great people and friends, and shared beers and steaks with AEF members annually. It’s the greatest community for online video gaming I’ve ever seen. And I hope your experience is the same.

    Currently at time of writing, the AEF has 3 teams supporting Battlefield 4. The AEF Battalion [BAT] is one of those teams and is an Open Membership Group with a keen eye on focused larger-scale ladder competition gaming. The team trains 2 to 3 nights a week and each session goes for about 2 hours. We encourage team members to try and attend at least 2 of those sessions per week. Usually we find our members casually pub when they can most nights, and enjoy squadding up with their peers and strengthening their gaming abilities. Our training sessions have a purpose to scrim each week with an opposing team either within the AEF or hopefully with another group in the Australian Battlefield Community. If you are from another group and interested in playing us then please PM the Team CO Crow.

    Developing teamwork in a group of people online which are based all across the country can only be done by putting in the time in Teamspeak, in challenging gaming scenarios and learning with each conflict. The AEF Battalion is currently focusing on effective Communication Skills in Teamspeak, Small Group Tactics, and getting our membership proficient in their individual gaming skills.

    Our team members can be identified in game with the following: [AEF] Crow_BAT

    There are a four very basic steps to Enlist.
    1) Firstly, make sure that you have a microphone working, your game patched and ready and that you have installed the latest version of Teamspeak 3. Make sure that you can get into the AEF TS3 Server, the address is

    2) Sign up to the AEF and get a Username for the forums (Warning: It's what we call you in Teamspeak).

    3) Jump onto the forums and make a post HERE in the Contact Us Forum and state some reasons why you want to join the AEF Battalion for Battlefield 4 (there's a template) and also bump the CO Crow with a small PM detailing that you wish to join.

    4) The last step is Crow will meet up with you in Teamspeak and square away the rest of the admin stuff in a 10 minute Verbal Induction. It's pretty basic harmless stuff to get your permissions sorted and have a chat.

    Candidates must go through a 'Holding Platoon' for 1 month to gain entry into the Battalion. In that 1 month YOU and also The Team are on trail to see if it's compatible with both parties. Over the course of that month you'll train with the group, and also scrim in competitive games just like every other member. During this time we look at the motivation of the candidate in attendance to team sessions and events; their attitude to their peers; and if they fit in with the rest of the group. You don't need to be a die-hard gunslinger to be a member, but it's your positive attitude that will get you in the team. People can increase their skills in game easily but personality / behavior issues are a permanent fixture. We hope it works out.

    We don't require 100% attendance, as life usually gets in the way of a Battlefield 4 Ladder Team on a day to day level. The key is to just keep the team informed via the Private Team Forums in our AFK section.

    New members while they are in Holding Platoon will wear a Recruit Badge in Teamspeak.

    After that month is up you'll wear the AEF Battalion Icon in Teamspeak, and the AEF Prefix on your BF4 gaming name.
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