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    Post FRONT PAGE - Posting Guidelines & Rules

    FRONT PAGE - Posting
    Guidelines & Rules

    All AEF Members are welcome to lodge a post to the AEF Front Page.

    • All Front Page posts will be moderated. ....AEF HC will assess, approve/decline or advise of any needed changes to all FP posts, as well as respect any grace periods of protection to prevent over posts if any included headings are used, as below.

    • AEF HC reserves the right to post any High Priority Flash Post at any time. ....Very important, immediate exposure required, only.

    • All Front Page posts can include one of the below categories in their post title bar for a Time Period Protection from being prematurely over posted. ....EG: "TNR (24/36/48) - UncleBob's Update" ..or.. "Article - UncleBob's Review" ..or.. "Flash - UncleBob's Patch"...etc. (**Please add either 24,36 or 48 to the TNR post title bar for an easy reminder of grace period required IF the post content does not state weekly or monthly.)

    • Team News Report = 24/36/48hr (weekly, bi or monthly) grace period before another FP post can be lodged. ....This protection period will be re-assest if/when TNR's increase. If regular booking of days/dates are requested, they can only be approximates. TNR's must always have sufficient content of team activities in reports, so not to be confused with a Flash Post.

    • AEF Announcement/Article = 168hr (1week) grace period for all Community related information, articles or PR that needs prolonged exposure. ....This period can be flexible as deemed by AEF HC if requested.

    • Flash Post = NO grace period. .....Allowed only if an existing grace period has expired and are deemed FP worthy by AEF HC when moderated.

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