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    MWO Unit Pre-Register - Cool Names Required

    Good news everybody!
    That game near no one plays any more is letting us pre-register Unit/Guild names.

    I'm quite fond of;
    AEF 1st Light Horse Battalion, with either Liao (St Ives) or Steiner (Lyran Commonwealth) affiliation.

    But Instead of making it my team, I'm going to leave it open to suggestion because I know that the 17th Lancers WoT team was named in anticipation for this. This means that while I intend to get in early to stamp AEF's claim on a cool sounding name, I'm putting up this topic in order to gather up these so called cool sounding names and have a little vote on both them and the faction people want this team to be affiliated with.
    This link has a list of mercenary companies and the naming conventions that accompany them. Anyone who suggests a name fit only for crawlers (aka: Panzer Grenadiers) will be shot. Names can be up to 35 characters long but cannot be a per-existing unit within BattleTech lore, as per the link in the intro.

    Also feel free to jump in and name a lance exclusive for you and your friends, there might be some fun to be had in match write ups.
    ie: Deevus's Most Devious, Chedder Company, AEF 1st Light Horse Battalion

    I will briefly describe the factions and unit designations below for those who aren't familiar with the source material further along. Feel free to hate me because I insulted your faction. However I am going to suggest the Unit be Inner Sphere aligned as it has a lower cost of entry for new players, in either time or money, and because it is easier to role play for those so inclined. I would also suggest a Battalion (or Cluster) level organization because that allows for growth and for players to craft out their own little casual or competitive team at a Company (or Binary) level without leaving the overall structure.

    PS: I do enjoy my Mechwarrior and will probably start actively recruiting.
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    Faction and Lore information for those so inclined.

    Inner Sphere Faction Info -
    Governments that have stood the tests of time and the endless, brutal succession wars since the fall of the Star League. Each successor state seeks to re-establish the star league, with them as its first lord.

    Lyran Commonwealth - Steiner -
    -WW1 Central Powers, in SPACE!
    - Extremely strong economy and they specialise in heavier than usual mechs.
    - Has a planet called Australia, in a province called Coventry.

    Federated Suns - Davion -
    -British/French colonial empires, in SPACE!
    - The franchises white knights, highly imperialistic and with a fetish for Autocannons.
    - Has a governing district known as the Outback March

    Draconis Combine - Kurita -
    - Feudal Japan in SPACE!
    - Military Dictatorship that loves Bushido, Honour and PPC's in equal measure.

    Capellan Confederation/St. Ives Compact - Liao - /
    - The Capellan Confederation is Imperial China, in SPACE!
    - The Confederation is ruled by a female Ming the Merciless, with a fondness for fast mechs and fighting dirty.
    - St Ives Compact is the British Empire's Asian holdings, in SPACE!
    - Has a fondness of money and mercantilism.

    Free Worlds League - Marik -
    - America, in SPACE!
    - Has a fondness for civil war, but that gives them a lots of reason to build weapons manufacturing facilities and someone close to test the produce on.

    Free Rasalhague Republic -
    - Vikings, in SPACE!
    - A toothless buffer state created because neither the Lyran Commonwealth or Draconis Combine wanted to clean up the mess after the 4th Succession War, and is soon going to get wiped out.[/spoiler]

    Clan Faction Info -
    Decendants for the Star League Defence Force after it abandoned the Inner Sphere and let in plunge into the brutal Succession Wars. Their Warriors are all part of a cloning and eugenics program and they seek to re-create the star league on the ashes of the Inner Sphere barbarians.

    Clan Smoke Jaguar -
    - An exceptionally brutal and dangeriously pragmatic Crusader clan who's time is very short.
    - Favours the Daishi and Storm Crow mechs.

    Clan Jade Falcon -
    - A Crusader clan with a strong sense of honour and self importance because it adheres the most to the tenants that the clans were founded on.
    - Favours the Summoner and Kit Fox mechs.

    Clan Wolf -
    - A powerful and pragmatic Warden clan, and arch nemesis to the Jade Falcons.
    - The Timber Wolf is the epitomy of their clan.
    - The franchises Mary Sue faction.

    Clan Ghost Bear -
    - A powerful Crusader clan that is lax on the clan caste system in favour of my family orientated values.
    - Have a mental breakdown and go warden during the invasion, abandoning most of their clan ways.

    Inner Sphere Unit Designations
    A Lance - 4 Mechs 4 Players
    Company - 3 Lances 12 Players
    Square Company - 4 Lances 16 Players
    Battalion - 3 Companies 36 - 48 Players
    Square Battalion - 4 Companies 48 - 64 Players
    Regiment - 3 - 5 Battalions 102 - 320 Players

    Clan Unit Designations
    Point - 1 mech 1 Player
    Star - 5 Points 5 Players
    Binary - 2 Stars 10 Players
    Trinary - 3 Stars 15 Players
    Cluster 2 - 5 Binaries 20 - 50 Players
    Galaxy 2 - 5 Clusters 100 - 250 Players
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