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    Eve-online (Small-gang, OS Piracy) Nul-Sec FC reporting for duty

    **For some reason I cant see the Public Eve section unless I'm logged out so I threw this post here**

    I'm looking forward to playing Arma 3, DayZ SA, and checking out a few other games with you guys, i'm also keen to
    resume playing Eve Online.

    I just wanted to ask as if theres an AEF piracy corp avaiable to hook up with or if theres any members interested in trying to get something going?

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    At the moment the AEF is a member corp in apocalypse now (APOC) alliance, part of the providence block of alliances. Most PVP action is centred around defensive operations, but we all know the best defence is a good offence. Hicks and Tog currently head up the Eve element in eve. Best to speak to them or join AEF Public chat in game to discuss your interests and If they are compatible with the current direction.

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    Great, thanks for the info Vindicator.

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