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    Probably wont be able to set a time until the new year. Ive used up all my broadband downloading GTA V.

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    This is the last day to set a time in the current AEF Dirt Rally event.
    Be good to see some support for this title.

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    DiRT Rally Update - Version 1.11

    Hello DiRT fans - our latest patch has landed! Here’s the list of fixes that v. 1.11 will be bringing to DiRT Rally:

    - Game - Excessive knocking effect on wheels when playing rallycross (All platforms).

    - Racenet - Community Delta times should now display correctly (All platforms).

    - Game - AI for Classic and S1600 Rallycross adjusted to have more variety (All platforms).

    - Leaderboards - They will no longer be blank and the difference column works (All platforms).

    - Racenet - League events can now be restarted if you terminally damage, quit or complete an event (All platforms). ....YAY!

    - Community - Fixed the missing string that was being displayed in a very specific situation when Racenet was unavailable (All platforms).

    - Graphics - Fixes for rain effects displaying incorrectly on some AMD cards (PC).

    - Graphics - Motion blur being applied to cars in bonnet camera and in replays (PC).

    - Audio - Co-driver call near sector 2 in Russian is now played in the correct language (PC).

    - Game - Fix to prevent unrealistic AI times being shown on Hillclimb if you save and quit after finishing a time for Run 1 (PC).

    - Audio -Spotter call during the results screen for Portuguese Brazilian is now played in the correct language (PC).

    Now, on to the fun stuff - you may notice that the patch doesn’t just bring fixes, but some additions to the content on DiRT Rally... We’ll discuss these in closer detail in tomorrow’s Road Book – but to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, we’ve added the following content:

    - Art - We’ve updated Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the event, complete with official PPIHC logos and branding.

    - Game - We’ve updated the handling on the Hill Climb cars so that you can really attack the iconic Hill Climb course.

    We hope the patch in all of its Pikes Peak glory really enhances the Hill Climb experience for you, and that the fixes leave your DiRT Rally experience a lot smoother and more fun to play. As always, if you have any feedback for this update, please head to Twitter, Facebook or our Codemasters forums to share it!

    BTW.. Our Public "AEF - Speed League" is running a restartable "Hill Climb Event" ATM for those that wish to compare hotlaps with more casual rules to sim rallying...

    PS: The latest "Road Book" can be found > HERE.
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