Published on 15 May 2015

In this video you can see the audio obstruction system at work. Notice that the raycasts coming from the sound source are either white or red. Red indicates that there is an obstruction between the sound source and the listener (player character), while white raycasts indicates no obstruction. If the raycasts are red, then a Lo Pass EQ filter is applied which removes some of the high frequencies of the sound.

Also notice the on screen text ‘value’ that corresponds to the sound that is playing (for example “Value= 0.30”). This is the real time obstruction value of the sound. If the value is zero, that means you have clear line of sight to the sound source.

We can set the amount of obstruction per individual sound, which means we can customize the effect for every piece of audio in the game. What you are hearing now is the first pass, so look for more tweaking\tuning in the next CTE updates and the Summer Patch!