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    Pictures from Pensacola Naval Air Museum

    Hi all. I have a load of pics from the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. Anyone know a good easy way?

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    To post them I guess you mean??

    This is the method I use to post images in here,

    1) go to

    2) On the top left of the screen you will see a blue button that has 'upload images'

    3) Choose the method you want to use, NOTE - You can upload multiple photos. Once you have added your images, click, Start Upload

    4) You should now have a new screen that will have one of your images displayed. From there you can see the social media links. And on the right hand side is the different codes.

    5a) To share an entire album, just grab the web link at the top of the page and pass that around.
    5b) To post a single image use the BBCode (5th code on the right) then paste that in a forum thread. This will only do that one image. Additionally, you will need to be the advanced mode of the forum to add it.

    Hope this helps,
    If you need anymore help let me know

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