Hey everyone.

Thought i would post a few photos from my recent trip to the museum at Caboolture airfield.

The DC-3 in the midle of restoration, this plane once restored will be used for joyflights.

The Wirraway.

An American T-4, not the resemblance to the Wirraway.

And a CAC Winjeel trainer.

All three of these planes still fly almost every day and can be hired for joy flights.

A Bell Huey.

F-111 cockpit module.

And a Rolls Royce Avon jet engine. This engine powere aircraft like Hawker Hunter and CA-27 Saber, aswell as being reverse engineered to power the Mig-15.

I did also manage to get a snap of the privately owned P-51D while i was there, though the owner asked me not to publish it. The museum also has a Spitfire and Mig-17 but sadly they were not on display as they were off having a new coat of paint put on.

Hope you enjoy.