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    See the difference

    So hard to decide which may be better. There may be no answer to this.

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    Yep, iRacing has less trees and more graffiti on the track surface!

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    AM - PM (pfft, the dummy that set up the comparison should be shot)
    Objects, trees, graffiti, spectators, cars, etc. (time/cost restraints creating scenery or artistic license when adding. Also, a lot to do with when photos were taken for the artists to refer to).
    One is more realistic visually. (gamma/saturation, etc. but sometimes this can be tuned by the client)
    ..all mostly minor things IMHO.

    Most importantly noticed was...

    Undulations/bumps (or lack of) are more noticeable down the Dottinger-Hohe straight.
    If both are LS'd, it's either been abbreviated (less time scanning points) or sloppy work recording/using the undulation points... Hey, it might just be the suspension setup of the vehicle? It's a tough call, but doesn't look that way to me.

    When it comes to the laser scanning of tracks, all use differing techniques, crews, mobile units, gps, etc, etc., and sometimes just contracting it out or buying the ready made data, so that they can then proceed with the artists to dress it up.
    LS'ing was first brought to my attention for sim racing back in the rFactor1 days, with an Eastern Creek track mod using more slower methods, if memory serves me correctly.
    These days, LS'ing is demanded by customers or it's touted as crap!, even though 90% of them wouldn't know the bloody difference.

    All the comparing of these sort of things are always popping up and being debated everywhere these days by fans of one or the other.. I'd hate to be new to all this asking for advice on which is best to choose... It's enough to drive ya nutz.

    So overall, it will always fall back on the customer to consider their investment/purchase and the amount worth that can get out of it that will suit them best.
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