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I've just been comparing the MP collision speeds reported by the server and captured in the log, with the replay of the same incidents. The speed in the server log: "COLLISION BETWEEN: ..... SPEED: 337.1985" often seems to be way faster than the car is actually going in the replay at the point of collision.

For example, using the essentials app in the replay, I can see that:

Server Speed : Speed in Replay
103 : 42
172 : 20
45 : 35
115 : 38
57 : 20
23 : 56
59 : 84
81 : 41

I wonder if this is causing the exaggerated, billiard ball, inelastic collisions we often see, that look completely unrealistic. E.g. if a car hits another at 20 kph, and the server thinks the collision was at 172 kph, is it any wonder the car will go flying off after what looks like a minor collision?

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RD set their damage level to 70% their AC events.