extract from article at RD

RD: Of course AC has now been in progress for quite a few years and is already a fairly polished title, do you expect development to stop in the near future and work to begin on a sequel?

MM: Before taking any decision, we'll wait and see how things will go. Our wish is to support Assetto Corsa as long as possible, and for sure we are not thinking or working already on a sequel.

SC: It will happen eventually, it's inevitable... but not yet.

RD: Speaking of “AC2”, has the team at Kunos given much thought on what this will look like? Are we thinking of an improved AC1 or will it be a totally different concept to the original game?

MM: Believe me, we don't have a secret book in our office titled “Assetto Corsa 2”. We just know that the first two features for AC2 will be night&rain, even if we create a space game! About the concept, we recognize that Assetto Corsa has been – and still is - the most exciting professional experience we ever had, but producing a “standard” sequel, would mean to feature 200% of cars, tracks and features, and our Studio is not Turn 10 or Polyphony (and actually, Stefano and I are not interested to lead a studio of 100 people), so an Assetto Corsa 2 might feature a different concept. But it's too early to think seriously about it, and a lot will depend also by how people will welcome AC on PS4 and XB1.

SC: It'll have rain and night for sure.