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    DFGT and Assetto Corsa gear shifting

    I've been pulling my hair out all weekend with what I thought was a hardware issue with my Logitech Driving Force GT.

    I noticed in the GT3 Brands Hatch race on the 19th that my paddle gear shifters seemed to be failing to change down or up a gear sometimes. I'd need to press them more than once to register a gear change. I noticed that it happened mostly on the same corner each lap, but it wasn't much of an issue.

    However, when practicing the F312 around Bahrain I found that not only was the gear paddles sometimes not responding, but they would often double shift, sending me from 3rd to 5th. No amount of fiddling with the debounce setting changed this behaviour.

    So I set about searching the internet for the same problem and solutions. Some posts mentioned that the switches do tend to fail, and they're easy to replace. So I started pulling apart the wheel and unsoldering the old switches. If you're interested, most of the microswitches are Omcron B3F-1000 , and I picked up 4 similar ones from jcar for $6 (not as cheap as I'd hoped). I soldered the new ones in place, screwed it all back together and...

    Still had the same problem.

    So now I did what I should have done first, and started playing around with the Logitech profiler. I had set the paddles (buttons 5 & 6) to emulate the sequential shifter (buttons 12 & 13), and set AC to use buttons 12 and 13 for gear. However, when I returned the paddles to default and bound them in AC, the problem went away!

    All good, but I quite like having the option to use the paddles and the shifter without messing around with AC settings. So here's what seems to work:

    • in logitech profiler set the paddles to Keystrokes Z and X for gear down/up
    • in AC bind the gear up/down shifter to buttons 12 and 13 (the sequential stick shifter), and tick the option to use the keyboard bindings as well (on the Advanced page, Combine with keyboard input)
    • in AC, in the keyboard / mouse settings, change gear down and up to Z and X

    I've had a few laps around Bahrain with this setting and no more double shifting or missing gear changes. I have a feeling that the Logitech drivers have changed subtly recently and binding a button to another button tends to produce "phantom" effects when frame rate is low (which may be why it always happened in certain corners).

    Hope this helps someone else.

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    After a reboot the problem's back again. Looks like I won't be able to have both paddles and shifter in AC. Shame.

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