AEF 2CAV is proud to announce the commencement of our latest ARMA 3 Campaign:
The strategically essential Baltic Sea island of Napf is under threat of invasion by the forces of President Donald Trump.

Recognizing the strategic importance of Napf to their own security the Russians have intervened to support the local Napf Home Guard with training and weapons. The Russian 19th Motor Rifle Division has been deployed to Napf to commence this task.

2CAV will play the part of the Napf Home Guard and will rely on Russian forces for urgent supply, training and support. We will start off with very minimal equipment and we will have to do our best with what we have to counter Trumpís forces.

As the mission progresses we will get access to more and much better equipment.

All AEF members and the public are welcome to attend.


The Campaign Meetings will be on Mondays the at 20:30 AEST and Mission will be on Friday 20:30 AEST.
3rd Person will be removed for these missions.
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