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    AEF RT- DiRT RALLY Championship #1 - Winners Announcement

    "AEF Etch". . . WINS!
    Grueling Rally Championship

    Congratulations! to.. AEF Etchasketch in taking out the first of our 3 AEF DiRT Rally Championships for 2016 run by the AEF Racing Team.

    This very testing (some say evil) championship battle for all drivers was contested across a massive 12 locations over 6 countries totalling 144 stages,
    competing in 2 series using 60's & 70's class of vehicles in every condition imaginable over aprx 3 months.
    Etch's championship win was never easy for him though, as it was closely fought out throughout the whole championship with a see-soaring leaders points battle
    to be in good stead for the final run home.. and amazingly, with it only coming down to the last few countries of events in the championship that he was able
    to secure his 1st place over our other podium finishers...
    AEF Nova in 2nd ..and.. AEF Kaiza in 3rd.

    Well done guy's and to all that competed in this "white knuckle driving" form of sim racing known as.. DiRT RALLY!

    The next "AEF DiRT Rally Championship#2" featuring 80's and Group B 4WD classes
    gets underway this FRIDAY the 27/5/16 at 900hrs AEST.

    More info on our AEF DR: Championships and activities can be found > HERE.

    Spoiler: AEF-DiRT RALLY in Brief...


    About AEF DiRT Rally
    Catering for the rally enthusiasts that like to get sideways and dirty the AEF|RT has you covered, especially if your schedule hinders
    you from being able to compete in regular time spots or days in any of the other AEF|RT's Championships or AEF Team activities.
    With DiRT Rally's competition structure you will be able to compete anytime within a 7 day period to post a time for an event that awards
    points that accrue towards your AEF|RT Championship standings of it's multiple seasons of events, vehicle classes and stages.

    Example: To complete 1 event (12 stages) within it's 1 week time period, it takes a total of aprx 1hr 12mins of actual driving time in a slow car.
    A driver also has the ability to "Save and Exit" at aprx. every 3rd or 4th stage in "Service Areas" within that event for those that may have a limited session time or interruptions.

    So,.. do you go slow and easy, not risking damage or an accident, or pedal to the metal in a white knuckle ride to crush the opposition?
    Damage from one stage will carry over to the next stage in an event and opportunity for repair may not be at the end of that current stage.
    In fact, a bad decision can see you DNF from a stage along with any points!.. Ice, snow, gravel, mud and water guarantees to test your driving mettle.
    AEF|RT also hold a Public "AEF Speed League" running along side it's "Members Championships" for those that like to hotlap and compare
    times or for a less hardcore but still fun racing experience.

    JOIN the "AEF Racing Team" TODAY!
    to take part in many of our exciting Sim Racing Championships by clicking on the team roundel below.

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    Congrats Etch

    We are all just Eagles, tied to fridges, full of bad ham - Dylan Moran

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    Thanks everyone. Well done to Nova and Kaiza. After many barrel rolls, I think the win came down to endurance rather than skill.

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    Great job guys. Article really shows how involved and productive your team is.

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    congrats guys.

    I'd like to try it, but think I'd be of the course more times than on.

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