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    Elite: Dangerous - Material Changes, Surface Scanner Improvements *SPOILERS*

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    Added a SPOILERS tag to your thread title.

    Not sure what to make of these changes. Seems reasonable for the surface scanner to reveal more info about what's available on the surface, and I agree, it means no longer having to explore a moon's surface to find out what's there (which is what I've been doing for the past few days in 733). But I don't like it when challenge is removed.

    I would definitely prefer the engineers to give us clues or pointers on where we could find required items/ingredients, and have enough of these so that players could figure things out for themselves, instead of having them create entire YouTube channels giving details (read as CHEATS) on every single engineer and their upgrades and requirements. Consumers of such info aren't playing the game... that's someone else playing it for them.

    We probably should have a discussion about this at some stage. I'd welcome everyone's input.

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