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    So where do I go now?

    Hey Guys,

    I purchased Falcon 4.0 from Steam a while ago and just got BMS up and running with my Hotas Warthog with Mud's keyfile and everything seems pretty groovy. I'm a novice-intermediate A-10C pilot in DCS but am pretty keen for BMS.

    What resources would you guys recommend to fast track my learning? I've been practicing ramp starts but not much else(don't think I've racked up even 2 hours play time)

    Bullseye calls seems fairly straight forward and I can see where the info is on the MFCDS but I'm sure it'll be a bit rought.

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    Congratulations on getting one of the best combat flight sims. There are training missions in the tactical engagements (TEs) to help you learn weapon deployment and a docs folder containing a lot of info. This is where the majority of us began. Most new vpilots start with A2A engagements as this seems to be the most enjoyable and highest probability of success and survival. Come join us in our Team Speak channel when you see someone down there for any questions you may have

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    Hey Illuzian, welcome.

    No one ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the enemies die for their country.

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