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    2CAV deploying to Vietnam

    : November 12th, 1965

    From: Gen. William C. Westmoreland, Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (COMUSMACV)

    To: AEF 2nd Cavalry
    Effective from the date of these orders, the 2nd Cavalry division of the AEF is deploying to the Vietnam area of operations for a tour of duty.
    This tasking will put into use the new military doctrine of Airborne Cavalry and is intended to assist in the securing of enemy territory from the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong guerilla forces within Vietnam. It is expected that the division will also be seconded to the Brown Water Navy for riverine operations as required.

    The first operation of this tour will commence at 9am AEDST (8am AEST) and will be of 12 hours in duration. This mission will entail pushing into heavily defended enemy territory and holding that location for a minimum of 12 hours to enable additional forces to move up and secure the area. UH-1 Hueys and 105mm Howitzers will be available for supply and artillery support throughout the allotted mission time.

    This operation will mark the beginning of the Vietnam tour of duty for 2nd Cavalry. As always, any other members of the AEF or the general public is welcome to join this operation on the 12th of November or for our regular Friday night missions.

    The 12 hour mission opener will be an attempt to recreate the battle of Ia Drang on November the 14th 1965 by the 1st Cavalry Division led by Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore. This battle was memorialised in the book We Were Soldiers Once, and Young as well as the movie We Were Soldiers.

    Mission Requirements:

    All soldiers will require the standard 2 CAV mission loadout available through Play With Six from the following location:

    The additional mods required for the Vietnam missions are approximately 6 GB so it is recommended that these are downloaded and installed well before shipping out.

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    Will have to get my Defoe on.

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    You can get a necklace with ears on it and be Staff Sergeant Barnes

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