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    Hey Felix, as the only other person that ventures into these depths of the forums can you tell me, is BoS bugged, difficult or an actual BoS?

    I recently bought it in the steam sale and cannot get it to function properly.

    The controls are nigh on impossible to set up (TM Warthog and Pro Combat pedals)

    Can you steer me in the right direction for set up advice please!

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    Hi Deceter,

    Sry to hear about your BOS issues. i have a Warthog with Saitek pedals and have had no issues.
    However, a friend of mine has had issues with the Pro Combat pedals. Something to do with the Win 10 Anniversary Update.

    First thing I would try is to verify your Steam installation.
    Properties - Local Files - Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
    Have you checked out the forum -

    We are getting a reasonable following on Thursday and Sunday evenings - from 2030hrs official il2 BOS TS, usually on the Wings of Liberty server.
    Even have a fellow Taswegian flying with us!
    Or check

    Current BOS version 2.005. If you have Win 10 - check auto update enabled.

    Keep in touch, if I find something I will post here.
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    You could try the following.

    From Devs re 2.005

    Hello everyone,

    We just released a small hotfix for input binding in case of unusual device names.

    If you have not experienced this problem, there is no need to do anything.

    If you encountered this problem (when you bind a command and it doesn't work) you need to do the following:

    Variant 1:

    1. Make sure the game is updated

    2. Disconnect all controllers USB cables

    3. Launch the game, go to input settings and click the 'default' button

    4. Exit the game and reconnect all controllers

    5. Run the game and re-assign all the commands

    Variant 2:

    1. Make sure the game is updated

    2.Delete these files:





    <game_folder>\data\swf\il2\storage\storeddevices.t xt

    3. Run the game and re-assign all the commands

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    BoS doesn't bind to hardware UID's like DCS does, unfortunately. So if you remove a controller or add one after setting up all your bindings you might find that Joy 0 is no longer what you thought it was. I've tried using JoyID to change around the IDs but often this just makes things worse.

    I can't recommend using Saitek's profiler to bind to keyboard either, since if you've got a button that uses a modifier in its binding (like Shift) then it conflicts with other buttons that don't.

    Best thing to do is take screenshots or write down your config and get used to quickly going through and rebinding after new hardware or BoS updates.

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    Hi Etch (and Dec),

    The configuration "forgetting" its previous joystick/peripheral settings was an issue many players experienced - including myself. Since 2.004 I have not experienced this and the devs further improved the coding in 2.005.


    With the Warthog you will have to select reverse config for pitch and roll. Same thing with their steering wheels! It is just the way they configure their controllers.

    If you could provide a bit more info on your issue it would help, "impossible to setup" is a bit vague.


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