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    Brokenrage Application - DCS flying

    Hello AEF Lads

    I have been enjoying the flying and teamspeak on the AEF DCS servers of late and thought it time I make a formal introduction.

    1. What games are you currently playing/looking to play within the AEF ?
    DCS World - I fly the Huey and Mi8 and would also been keen to log some multiplayer hours in the P51, Fw190 and F86. My a2a skills in the fixed wing stuff is abysmal.

    2. How did you come across the AEF Community ?
    I found the AEF DCS servers in the DCS server list. Been doing some casual flying on and off and became curious about the AEF community and found my way here.

    3. Tell us about your age and previous clan experience.
    I am 33 and no previous clan experience.

    4. Why do you want to join the AEF ?
    Having flown casual on the DCS servers for a few months and recently joining on the teamspeak server I have found the AEF to be a great bunch of guys who show a mature, friendly and helpful attitude towards members and guests and show great enthusiasm towards there DCS flying. I would like very much to become part of the community and contribute in what ever way I can.

    5. Tell us about yourself. E.g. where you live and where you work or attend school ?
    Australia, NSW. Living the quiet life. I am self employed (Garden and Landscape trades) for 11 years now. Fly RC Helicopters and Multirotors in my spare time. Did alot of flying in FS2004 and FSX way back when (Airliners etc) and also spent a good few years playing Battleground Europe - ww2 online (2009 to 2012) if anyone is familar with that title.

    6. Let us know if you hold any specific IT, Web or Graphical expertise ?
    Sorry no expertise in those fields, best I can do is keep my gaming rig from misbehaving.

    Cheers All

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    Welcome to the AEF Brokenrage, any fan of spinny, whirly things is always appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you online sometime soon.
    Take care.

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    Hi Rage.
    Another application I'm glad to see cross my desk, you're definitely going to become a productive member.
    We don't get too many rotor wing Pilots jumping on the TS these day and that's a shame. The 161 SQN
    started with the KA-50 after all.

    I will sort out an induction with you on TS some time.

    "161 SQN flys the AEF flag the highest"

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    Welcome to AEF.

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    Thanks all, I look forward to pulling the A10 lads out of the jungle and back to base sometime soon... not that any of the 161 boys get shotdown of course

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