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    Post PensiveGhecko's application

    here it is

    1. What games are you currently playing/looking to play within the AEF ?

    I am currently looking to play DCS

    2. How did you come across the AEF Community ?

    I was browsing for an australian group to fly dcs

    3. Tell us about your age and previous clan experience.

    I am currently 15 turning 16 in JAN

    4. Why do you want to join the AEF ?

    I really want to play online DCS with a group or flight

    5. Tell us about yourself. E.g. where you live and where you work or attend school ?

    I'm currently in school and live in the sunshine coast area

    6. Let us know if you hold any specific IT, Web or Graphical expertise ?

    I just finished a semester of ITS in school nothing much though

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    Please read the sticky in the contact us page - [URL="http://www.aef-hq.com.au/aef4/showthread.php?40260-Are-you-looking-to-Join-the-AEF"]HERE[/URL]
    You need to be 18 to join the AEF; you are still however welcome to populate AEF servers as a public player at any time you wish.

    See you in January 2019!

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    Welcome to AEF.

    As Staff said, you do need to be 18+ to become a member. But this will not stop you for hanging out with DCS members and joining in on game nights.

    Jump into TS and start making friends.

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