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    Planetary lessons I have learnt the hard way....

    This is just my observations of lessons I have learnt lately, I'll try to keep it updated as I find out new stuff.

    Planets - Ships:
    • ALWAYS check the planet's Gravity and adjust your glide to be 60 degrees on <0.3G up to 25 degrees for 2.5G lest you hit the deck hard!
    • Between 1.5-2.5km is optimal to find POI circles.
    • High G planets may require a 90 degree AoA at max thrust with engine boost (engines max power allocation) just to counter the gravity.
    • Docking on high G planets is best done by shallow dives to lower alt before you approach to avoid using down thrust.
    • Avoid too much roll in high G as your lateral thrust isn't strong enough to counter Gs.
    • Avoid combat in high G, one mistake will mean massive damage to your hull and an easy kill for your opponent.

    Planets - SRVs:

    • Watch your speed! Too fast on hills can get you airbourne and mostly not in a good way.
    • Too fast on rocky areas and you may catch a wheel.
    • Use the upwards thrust to skip across small gaps or over larger rocks that are unavoidable.
    • Slopes - low G doesn't find grip, high G the SRV is too heavy!
    • Beware trenches! Don't follow signals into them like I did - 3km on a 70 degree or greater slope = a LONG roll/fall into an abyss! However don't dispare, your trusty ship will come and get you out if you find a flat enough area...


    Planets - Skimmer Missions:
    • Avoid missions on high G planets!
    • Always check the status of a target in the POI before engaging all targets, to avoid bounties it MUST say 'Lawless' or 'Wanted'.
    • Wanted usually guard legal salvage, Lawless guard illegal salvage.
    • If there is a ship beside the POI it will take off an engage you so you should engage it with your own ship first however, check it's status, even if the skimmer targets are 'Wanted' if the ship is 'Clean' then you will incur a bounty for attacking/destroying the ship.
    • You will not be engaged unless you hang out within the exclusion perimiter (ship or SRV) however, if you have previously attacked targets of the same faction OR stayed within the perimeter then they may be hostile from the outset - be ready!

    Planets - POIs:
    • Learn to use the scanner and find out what signals mean, then you will become expert at sniffing out different POIs.
    • Turn your scanner volume UP! It will give you an indication if a natural looking return is actually cargo containers!
    • If you see a definitive man-made signal interspaced within a natural signal, head in the direction and destroy the natural detection, you should be able to get a clearer signal then to chase the man-made one.
    • If you get a bunch of lines or one to two actual returns it should be enough to indicate something is there (not exactly accurate however so it can be misinterpreted):


    • If you find cargo just laying around, check it isn't illegal salvage lest you will need to smuggle it to a blackmarket.
    • If you happen across a shipwreck, be sure to link into the datapoint
    • Additionally if you find targetable parts of the wrecked ship, shoot it to get bonus sample materials
    • If you are as lazy as I am, recall your ship, board and fly it right next to the salvage...

    • If you land near a POI base with a defence turret, dismiss your ship!!! Thought I landed a safe distance away and didn't dismiss the ship, as soon as I engaged my ship at 50% hull and no shields was quickly destroyed forcing me to self-destruct in the SRV to respawn with my ship. Probably the most costly lesson I have learnt and will NEVER do it again!

    And looks like AEF website does weird things with pictures, these are all the same size screenshots... :/
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