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    Application to join

    I have been playing dcs for quit sometime now, i originally started with LOCON. I came across 161 SQN server in multiplayer looking for a local server.
    I have not as yet joined Teamspeak although i would like to in an effort to work with other people in multiplayer.

    I live in the Sydney area, i am a Hydraulic Fitter by trade. I am currently a member of the NSG clan, who play mainly the Battlefield series games.
    Having been in a clan for a while now, it has shown me how much more enjoyable gaming can be when you work together with other people in a team.
    And i have gottento know some great people along the way.

    For me it has taken my gaming experience to another level. Which is why i would like join as i love DCS as a whole and have been looking for somewhere
    where i can share my passion for flying.

    I am 33, married and have a five year old daughter.

    Look forward to meeting you all.


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    look forward to chatting to you teamspeak.

    I will sort out an induction time with you then.

    "161 SQN flys the AEF flag the highest"

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