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    The Babba War - Mission One, Sunday 2000-2200 hours Caucuses map

    I have made a MP co-op version of my "BABBA War" campiagn https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2599716/

    It includes 6 AJ-37 , 6 M-2000C (pretend JA-37's) , 4 UH-1 slots

    I'm going to run this mission on Sunday Night on server 2 - AJS pilots will need to be familiar with the employment of the RB-4 antiship missile...


    “It remains astounding to me, after all the tumultuous events of the last decade, that the most unlikely of events can trigger earthquakes in the history of the world”.

    Shelby Foote, speaking at the opening of the restored congressional building, New Washington, 1997.

    The People’s Republic of Lapland, nestled between Swedonia and Russia, has always been a contested territory. From the 1600’s onward it frequently changed hands during the power games of Europe, finally achieving independence in the post world war one settlement.

    Balking at the Swedonian retreat into strict neutrality, Lapland sought protection from the growing power of the Soviet Union, first from the British, and then from the resurgent Germany. This of course, proved to be somewhat of a strategic error.

    Occupied by Soviet Forces after the war, Lapland was set up as a puppet socialist state in the usual manner. However, the socialist government was perpetually weak, and constantly undermined by a resurgent Swedonia, whose ethnic ties to Lapland were strong.

    In 1980, emulating the formation of Solidarity in Poland, Laplandic activists formed independent trade unions. Initially tolerated by the government, there have been increasing crackdowns and repression, leading to condemnation by the Swedonian government. The Swedonian populace have been vocal in their condemnation for the Laplandic government, and a “free Lapland” movement has become politically powerful, and become a cause celebre for high profile Swedonians.

    There are no higher profile Swedonians than the international super group BABBA, whose advocacy for Laplandic freedom includes protest songs such as “Reindeer Cages” and “Mannerheim”.

    On the 31st of October 1982, BABBA gives a concert on the banks of the Dzvari river. Thousands of Laplandic youth gather on the far bank, only to be brutally assaulted by Lap police. Shots are fired into the crowd. Riots break out across Lapland. In many places, the Police and Army refuse to supress the riots. Rumours of Soviet intervention run rife. The Swedonian Prime Minster states “Under no circumstances will Swedonia accept the deployment of Soviet forces into Lapland”.

    The BABBA war is about to begin…

    Mission One : Poke the Hive

    The cots in the ready room are comfortable - if you are tired enough. You only get a couple of hours after returning from your Recon mission before you get shaken awake.

    The briefing room is already full and hushed. That alone is enough to make your heart beat faster. Normaly you can't shut this bunch up long enough for a briefing to start.

    You have never quite been able to remember the inspiring words your squadron commander used that morning; if they were inspiring at all. You remember the queasy feeling in your stomach, and the dryness in your mouth.

    You would learn to recognise the same thing in others in the years to come - the faces of men going to war...


    It has become clear that the Soviet Union has begun a major millitary intervention in Lapland. The Prime Minister has directed that the SWAF conduct offensive operations against this deployment.


    Viggen Flights will conduct an RB04 strike against a group of Soviet shipping moving toward the Lapland Coast

    Waypoints programmed

    WP1 - Nav Fix
    WP2 - Turn North point
    WP3 - Expected target position
    WP 4 - Reform point
    WP5 - Land

    Target group belived to consist of 3X Amph ships and 3 X FFG
    approx 30 km north of M3
    It is expected the enemy will have air cover.


    Tactical Freq 127.5 AM

    JA-37 Flights

    Conduct a sweep over Sukhumi to protect the strike flights

    WP 1 - Bullseye
    WP 2 - Sukhumi
    WP 3 - Land

    Helo Mission:

    Soviet paratroopers have surrounded the Swedonian Embassy in Sukhumi, but some staff have managed to escape and reach the village of Kverno_Linda. Under the cover of our strike flights, you will conduct a rescue mission. The staff are waiting in a field south west of Kverno in 3 civilian vehicles. The lead UH-1 must land to embark the staff. You are authorised to fire on any armed elements interfering with the mission.

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    Love it

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    Unless someone else is keen. I will be happy to play the role of UH1 flight leader.

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