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    Whats new in AEF's Eve Corporation

    For those that haven't been keeping tabs what the crazy Eve junkies have been doing, there's been a few changes in house.

    1. New alliance - rejoined 'The Watchmen.' (TW), an AUTZ Alliance we used to be part of (more on this later).
    2. Left Apocalypse Now (APOC) and Providence Block - Moved to Catch region and are living in Tactical Supremacy (TIKLE) space. They have an overwhelming number of Aussies and are a fun loving bunch.
    3. We are now 'red' to Provi Block, as our Alliance joined a coalition aligned with 'TEST Alliance Please Ignore' AKA 'Legacy' Coalition -
    4. This means content. Lots of content: More Fleets, Better PVE (ratting bounties increased significantly), huge potential for fun and fights and shenanigans.
    5. Active Australian Time Zone allies - as against being the 'night watchmen' of APOC.
    6. Cheaper Alliance Membership - from 75 Million ISK (it was 125 million at one point) calculated at 10 million per member, with a minimum membership tier of 75 members (we have 2 players and 4 characters active) under APOC to zero currently -
    7. TW understand we are a 2 man corp and are happy for us to keep our identity. This was vitally important to me as I feel a deep-seated need to keep the AEF's presence alive in Eve.

    On a housekeeping note, we still have an open second iteration of the AEF corp, as 'Australasian Expeditionary Forces' - this is the one that was active in The Watchmen. before - which is currently under 'Togenshi Dust' as CEO, I assume this is Tog's Dust514 toon. Can we somehow close this one down as it is inactive? Or does someone here have Director access to it so we can merge the two entities? I'm happy to close Vanguard and use the other one, in fact that is preferential. I'd like to get that sorted out, but its not critical to getting people back involved.

    So, I suppose I'm curious as to if the AEF has anyone playing with another group. What attracts them there, and what would the AEF need to provide them to fly under our flag?

    I know Eve is not for everyone, however, now that there are free-to-play options, i'd encourage people to have another look at it.

    I am yet to find a game that gets my adrenaline going as much as Eve does. I'm sure that the new Alliance and regional content will provide a significant boost for us. We just need people to give it a go.

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    And for his 666th post, TassieDevil writes...

    I would have been playing Eve back when it first came out (2003 or so?) if it wasn't subscription based. Obviously Elite Dangerous captured my attention before it's release a few years ago, and there are numerous parallels that can be drawn between the two. Both are complex and have steep learning curves, both have features that would be good in the other, and neither is perfect, however I see ED as more of a space sim, and Eve as more of an RTS game with a superb market simulator and faction/alliance infrastructure. Eve falls short, however, with it's puny 7,000 or so star systems, in comparison with ED's four... hundred... BILLION systems in it's recreation of our Milky Way galaxy.

    Moving forward to 2016, Kastor encouraged me to give Eve a go via the Alpha accounts back in mid-Dec. Was given some basic guidance by him, HumV and Bob, and 3 days later was handed the keys to their corp (quite literally "tag, you're it"). Penzy was also playing on occasion, and so we tried to play together when possible. I played somewhat regularly until around March, then was very sporadic up until around July, when I've been able to have just a few games with Penzy over these recent weeks.

    Kastor's corp (yet another group identifying as AEF) has 17 characters, if I remember correctly, from about 7 or 8 players. I have been told little but snippets of "the history of Eve activities" in the AEF (am only a new member compared to the rest of you guys), but am otherwise clueless to the whos, whys and wherefores, and wasn't aware there were still any other active/regular players.

    Our goal has been to earn enough in-game currency to switch to Omega (pay for unrestricted/subscribed access). Personally, I'm seeking to gather enough for about 4-5 months worth of PLEX before switching to Omega. I need to learn how to keep enough income rolling in to keep supporting Omega in those months, otherwise I see little point in activating it until you can (1.6 billion ISK per month or thereabouts ?). In other words, the aim is to make the account self-supporting and ongoing.

    We met some very experienced players back in March that were keen to show us some fleet gameplay, and we've only just recently had a chance to catch up with them. They have their own corps and alliances, know that we're not looking to join them, but we'll play with them nonetheless. Ran public roams a few times with them during the Guardian's Gala event, and have attended a couple of Eve-Radio activities. Penzy has also dabbled in Faction Warfare. Beyond that, most of our gameplay has been PvE, although I look forward to learning PvP soon.

    My free time of late is somewhat limited, and my responsibilities with 54TW and 2CAV take precendence, but I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed my gameplay so far. For those unfamiliar with the game, players on the new Alpha accounts, or anyone considering giving Eve Online a go, I can highly recommend it. Even with the Alpha restrictions, I can foresee literally YEARS of gameplay possible with a vast range of activities that can be enjoyed, and so I really don't care if it takes me a year or more to earn (and learn) enough for the switch to be able to play, with no account restrictions, for free.

    Eve contains a "citizen science" initiative called Project Discovery that is operated in conjunction with universities. You are encouraged to assist in searching for signs of real exoplanets while you play... intriguing stuff. What is also fascinating is that Eve is also being actively studied by sociologists (?), in part due to the unusual range of allowable activities in the game, some often restricted in other titles. In my opinion and experience so far, after years of "distilling" it's core community down (thus creating a new or skewed "normalcy"), Eve contains an elevated percentage of players that exhibit traits of psychopathy and sociopathy, often proudly, all too easily exercised in the anonymity provided by online interactions. A refusal to take responsibility for one's choices or actions seems very common, as is often a denial of the real-world effects these choices or actions can have on players, and as such, the game may be quite confronting for some participants. With minimalist rules imposed by the developer, Eve therefore may be the closest thing to the ideal of a sandbox game (ie, players are free to do as they wish).

    Anyway, in the AEF, we're supposed to be about "mature, co-operative gameplay", so I certainly would like to help uphold that goal in waving the AEF flag in the game.


    PS Have experienced a few sessions of gameplay in Eve where the adrenalin was certainly flowing. Can't say it's the best I've experienced for that, though. Trying to improve your sim lap time around any good race track, but especially the Nordschleife in a '67 F1... sorry, nothing beats that Tragically, I know of at least 2 other sim-racer critical medical episodes ('tis the reason I hung up my race sim booties) because of the stress it physically and mentally induces. So let me know when you've been hospitalised, as I have, with chest pain from your gameplay, then we'll compare notes! (Golden rule for the kiddies... no game is worth your health).
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    Thanks for replying Tassie. I sent the below email to all the AEF members characters that I could find. What was Kastor's corp called? I'd like to include them. I'm keen for a chat.

    For some reason it only went those quoted, but I also know of these characters who have been in the other corps or are somehow AEF associated:

    Aussie Fatman, Bago Bonez, Fatman Ozymandias, HumV88 HammerFell, Kastor Aldeland, Kastor Hammerfell, Kastor992, penzoil Otsito, Reginald Friendly, shane Hekard, Spidator, Tassie D Evil, Theodore Mikakka, AC Travo, Ace114, BLOODGUT BLOOD, Bob161, CaesarX Cavinian, Chuck Sparxx,Ashira Gungnir, Briroze, Dontiago Rayegian, Foamy Ninja, ku3i, Marius deTocni , Matt Hicks88 , Neeber Rebeen , Otto Kanzian , OzRaptoua , Panthro Strife , Rap Toroz , Raptoua , real spiderman , Rift07 , Sherry Williams , Shgar Conchii , si1vers , Spinfx Khan , Telsith Jessari , Togenshi , Togentaru , Togenx , Tom Gerson , tovarich cookies , Trav0 , VNDK8R Creed , WarLord HumV , Warmonger88, Wilkotheslayer , Yunalesca Nyah , mezevenf, harry sparxx, togenshi dust,

    TO: AC Travo, Ace114, Ashira Gungnir, Aussie Fatman, Bago Bonez, BLOODGUT BLOOD, Bob161, CaesarX Cavinian, Chuck Sparxx, Fatman Ozymandias, HumV88 HammerFell, Kastor Aldeland, Kastor Hammerfell, Kastor992, penzoil Otsito, Reginald Friendly, shane Hekard, Spidator, Tassie D Evil, Theodore Mikakka,


    There's been some history for the AEF in this game, and through the ebb and flow of flucatuing interests we've all got scarttered around. I'd like to get us all back together again.

    AEF Vanguard has recently moved out of Apocalypse Now. (Some may recall this as the Alliance in Providence that was charging us taxes based on membership numbers, meaning I needed to remove inactive members to make it cheaper to afford to stay there. Turns out they then changed policies again and made it that we still paid as if we had 75 members as a minium regardless. So, that kind a meant I culled inactive members - something I really hated doing - for nothing. I'm sorry it worked out that way.)

    This was a major in the decision to leave APOC and rejoin a largely Australian Alliance called The Watchmen. You may remember we were with them for a while in High Sec before they all joined APOC. Well they have reformed their Alliance again. They have also moved to better Null Sec space for rating, have a huge industrial capabilty and manufacturing network, including Jump Freighters- which is growing, - and are active in the AUTZ for PVP! They are new player friendly and welcoming to all, eager to help guys looking to broaden their horizons.

    So, I'd like to ask if you'd be willing to unite the scattered elements of the AEF and come together under one Corporation again? I know that you will do doubt have many factors influcencing this choice, and would love to hear what those factors are.

    I look forward to talking more with you about what kind of experience you want from Eve and how we can achieve that together, as a united AEF.

    PS. If you know any other AEF members that I have not addressed, please forward this to them cc'ing me.


    AEF Vindicator

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