Last Babba War mission this Thursday 2030 hours - Caucuses map

Slots :

6 x AJS - 37
6 X M-2000
4 X UH-1

Will be a night mission , utilising AJS ground radar and illumination bombs. Enemy air will only spawn if M-2000s are spawned.


The Soviets are now moving south through Lapland, with Paratroops probing from Sukhumi, and heavy forces moving from the border to Sukhumi.



Tonights mission is to conduct interdiction of Soviet heavy units moving between Gudata and Mamydzhirhva. AJS unit should mix units armed with illumination bombs and Rockets/High Drag bombs. Illumanation units should Identify possible targets with radar and illuminate for follow on attack.

WP1 Nav fix
WP 2 Nav Fix - Southern boundry Op area
WP 3 Nav Fix - Northern boundry Op area
WP 4 Land

JA-37 (M-2000)

Conduct escort and sweep operations to protect the strikers and Helos.

WP 1 Bullseye
WP 2 Op area
WP 3 Land

Helos :

Your Mission is to deliver Ranger teams to conduct demoilition operations east of Ochamchira. The first two UH-1's are the Ranger transports. Lead has the team briefed to attack Bridge One and Two has the team briefed to attack Bridge Two.
LZ's are marked in the briefing screen. The teams will take approximatly 20 mins to approach the target bridges and 20 mins to return. Support Helos should provide fire support and enage any enemy forces defending the bridges.
The charges will be remote detonated when the teams return and are recovered.

WP 1 Bridge One LZ
WP 2 Bridges Two LZ
WP 3 Land

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