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    Upcoming hotas gear

    In case you didn't know, there are two eastern european companies making some really nice flight controllers. They are VKB and Virpil. Each one has a variety of sticks available now, and grips/throttles coming soon. The ones that interest me are:

    The new combat stick from VKB. Just look at it!

    Virpil have a nice stick, the MongoosT50 available now. Based on a russian design.

    And the Virpil combat throttle, which is announced to be in our hands by Christmas... hopefully! Not much info on it yet, but this thread has a prototype pictured. The consumer version will have unknown switches on the body also.

    If you know of anything similar, please share it with us.

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    looks very polished

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    Pre-ordered the new combat grip from VKB, with base plate and extension:

    It's pricey, but looks oh so sweet. An early xmas present to myself. Starts shipping Nov 1st. Can't wait!
    I'll put up a review if people are interested.

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    Wow, that looks like a great piece of kit!

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    Wow, now it seems VKB and Heatblur are doing an F-14 stick!

    So that's a new TM F18, VKB F14, Virpil T50, VKB Modern Combat Grip... and throttles being announced "soon". Spoiled for choice

    And VKB have said their throttles will be modular, so it could even be that they have grips for different aircraft on that in future.

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    Oooh baby, check out this bad boy just announced from Virpil :>

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    A new teaser from Virpil, which looks very much like a dedicated controller for space sims. This should be interesting for those of you into Elite/S42.
    Details coming in November. But from their comments it has twist and is made as a HOSAS type system (think a throttle on a joystick) for precise thruster control.

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    Damn that gear looks great, will be interesting to see where they price it compared to the other space sim geared HOTAS' on the market.

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    My suspicion is that it will be priced more in the direction of the warthog

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    Sorry Panthro didn't clarify, was musing on the cost of the twist stick space sim joystick only.

    Sounds similar in layout to a 3d pro, albeit with more buttons and hopefully better sensors. So would be interesting to see where it sits between the 3d pro, t flight, x52 and the t16000m in terms of cost.

    Could cut them a really nice part of the market if they can get a sub $100 stick with good features and their usual build quality.

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    yes, that would bag them quite a few sales.

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    Sorry, but these controllers will be WAY more than 100USD. Think 300USD, and up, per controller. These are top end components, built with all metal gimbals, high quality switches/sensors, etc. VKB and Virpil have no interest in the budget market (atleast not for awhile). This gear is built to last forever.
    A dual stick, or stick and throttle setup will probably cost about 1000AUD.

    You can get it a little cheaper if you have a warthog grip you want to use, as both companies let you attach one to their base. This is a popular option for those with warthogs, as the stick gimbal in the warthog is cheap plastic.

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    This is the new stick from Virpil, which is designed for space sims to replace a traditional throttle (HOSAS). It's described as entry level but looks like their usual high quality. (Same base as their high end sticks).
    Shipping Q1 next year. Pricing info "soon".
    It has 2 X 4way hats with push, an 8 way hat, analog stick with push, wheel with push, and dual stage trigger. Twist is optional.

    It will have more advanced grips coming after that.

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    VKB have teased their new throttle. They are hopeless with release dates, don't believe anything they say. But once finally ready should be some quality gear:

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    And a new tease of their WW2 prop throttle...
    Name:  VECS.jpg
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    VKB is stepping it up!
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    needs moar buttons and anodizing

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