Hi all,

I mentioned to Tassie last night that I had found a solution to the Installer hanging with less than a minute to go.
I found it a while ago on a forum, I think the ED Forum, but I searched today and cannot find the post again.
Essentially what it said do the following

1. When the installer hangs, stop the upgrade process and close the installer.
2. Open Windows explorer and navigate to your elite-dangerous-64 folder, mine is at C:\Games\EDLaunch\Products\elite-dangerous-64
3. Search your install folder for any .part and .progress files and delete them all.
4. Check you have a file named VersionInfo.txt.new or VersionInfo.new.txt cannot remember which it is and I no onger have it as install is complete
5. If you have the file mentioned above delete VersionInfo.txt and rename the VersionInfo.txt.new(or whatever it is called) to VersionInfo.txt
6. Restart Elite Launcher and hit Upgrade, install should then complete.

This has worked for me twice now, but there are lots of posts all over the forums about Australia ISPs using older cached versions of the Game files which cause validation errors, weirdly I have never had this issue on my laptop but get it every time I update ED on my Desktop at home. SO I am presuming the issue is caused by OPTUS as I normally update my laptop away from home.

Hopefully this may help some people.