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    Boinky wants to join!

    1. What games are you currently playing/looking to play within the AEF ? ARK maybe ARMA
    2. How did you come across the AEF Community ? ARK server
    3. Tell us about your age and previous clan experience. 45 not much clan experience.
    4. Why do you want to join the AEF ? Been on T/S and sound like a fun bunch.
    5. Tell us about yourself. E.g. where you live and where you work or attend school ? I live in North Yorkshire England. I work in York.
    6. Let us know if you hold any specific IT, Web or Graphical expertise ? None.

    My Steam name is bo1nky.

    Any questions please contact me.



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    welcome to the forums, I'm sure one of the Ark guys will be along shortly.

    "161 SQN flys the AEF flag the highest"

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    About time Boinky. Welcome to the club

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    Thanks very much guys! Looking forward to showing you how to die in stupid ways on ARK!

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