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    Magpie88 Join request

    Hi AEF, Magpie, real name Jeff, 29 from the Northern Territory, real life RAAFy.

    Looking to join the AEF DCS community, been flying on the AEF 161 DCS 1.5 and 2.0 servers on and off for about two years now. Been on TS, flown with quite a few AEF members, Wedgie and Sneaky mostly.

    My IT knowledge is limited to turning a pc on ...

    Most of gaming time is taken up by ARMA 3, on the Total Annihilation Gaming servers, been an admin with them for the past 6-7 months, but flying sims are main go to relaxation after work. I have the thrusmaster warthog and saitek combat rudder pedals set up with track IR. All this runs through a fairly decent MSI gaming laptop that's makes Navada look pretty gorgeous!

    What I want out of joining the AEF DCS community? Flying with a great bunch of guys sharing a common interest in sim aviation, learn new sim aircreft and challenge myself and other simmers to the challenges that of DCS!

    Thank you for considering my application and hope to hear from you soon


    Steam name: Swoopfromabove

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    so you're in the RAAF, where are you stationed?
    Keen to hear about it what was your label?

    anyway jump on TS and introduce yourself to the guys.

    "161 SQN flys the AEF flag the highest"

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    Guessing 75 out of TN? (judging by the callsign)

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