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    Post Robert__Hodge - AEF 161 Sqn Application

    1. Q. What games are you currently playing/looking to play within the AEF ?
    A. DCS

    2. Q.How did you come across the AEF Community ?
    A. Reddit

    3. Q. Tell us about your age and previous clan experience.
    A. 19 and have been in no other DCS clans

    4. Q. Why do you want to join the AEF ?
    A. Honestly? You guys seem like a bunch of cool dudes

    5. Q. Tell us about yourself. E.g. where you live and where you work or attend school ?
    A. Well, I'm British, I live in Sydney, I'm a manager at Maccas and currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at WSU

    6. Q. Let us know if you hold any specific IT, Web or Graphical expertise ?
    A. I've done quite a bit of graphical work as well as photographical and video creation work.

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    Welcome to the AEF forums.

    Get yourself a copy of teamspeak 3 and jump in the 161 SQN channels of the AEF server and introduce yourself to the guys.

    I will sort out an induction time with you then.

    "161 SQN flys the AEF flag the highest"

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