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    Let's get back to it

    Hi all,

    Folks, I've been going right through the DCS experience. And I'm keen for the stuff that's coming out- but we need to get back into BMS. There's just nothing like it.
    Until DCS gets a Dynamic Campaign, we know our place.

    If you're keen to get on and play- you can add me on Discord as "TempestAEF #0667" or on Facebook as Alexander Ryan-Jones (pic of me and my daughter.)

    Need to take a Viper over to Podgorica.

    "The only sound is a distant thunder, a tempest rages so far away from me.
    I walked for miles then I started running, towards the sound in storm, where you might find me." - VNV Nation (Tempest)

    "We all die alone, just as we were born. But to die in the skies...that's not so bad." - Sergei Kinsky (Deadly Skies 3)

    "Daddy! Shoot him! Before he shoots you!!" - Eleanor (my daughter)

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    We all need to do this. I'm not familiar with discord. Everyone needs to find a common time with no excuses. Let's kick the tires and light the fire. "I feel the need for speed". Throw the dates and time on our whatsapp group.
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    sting#9195 Is there a room we can join?

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    murphyll#9278 trying to get my head around discord and figure out how to set up all my hardware again

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    Hey guys, more than welcome to join us as well if you like over at the 801st.

    This Saturday 9am GMT which is 6pm Brissy time ( there abouts ) is a scheduled flight on our server.

    If you're interested talk to Shadow on our teamspeak: no password

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