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    Community Goal on Dec 14th, looking for traders and combat pilots.

    Hey all an Elite Dangerous group that Mr Ping's associated with Angeli Imperial, is all set for their very own trading community goal on the fourteenth.
    The outcome will hopefully be the construction of a new mega ship out near Maia.

    The CG will involve hauling some or all of these good to Wangal.
    The Angeli Imperial Enterprises Esquire Rylie Bishop has put a call out for independent Cmdrs to delivery Marine Equipment, Micro Controllers, Crop Harvesters, & Coltan to Potagos Port in Wangal to be used for the construction of a Dionysis Class Agricultural Vessel.

    In support of these endeavours a couple of guys from 161 will be running protection for the traders on their way back and forth. Attempting to intercept any pirates and run interference to allow the traders to high jump to safety.

    Anyone who's interested in participating, either as a trader or a combat pilot is more than welcome, they're a great group of guys and it should be good fun doing large scale operations.

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    Further to this, this CG is particularly special for the AU/NZ communities, as the installations would be named in reference to our region. (A lot of the AIE members are NZ based)

    - AIE Dunedin 67085
    - AIE ANZAC Honour

    There could be one further installation, but that name is to be decided upon completion.

    Thanks for all the help you guys can provide to our very own Au/NZ Community Goal.

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