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    Post Join request Ming

    1. What games are you currently playing/looking to play within the AEF ?
    Most of the time i play dcs world and falcon bms 4.33 . at the same time i also play starcitizen. but not expect to find many starcitizen player in this comunity. used to play Arma3 . but stop for a while due to fail to find a proper server.

    2. How did you come across the AEF Community ?
    Read post from ED Forum and saw the AEF community banner ad

    3. Tell us about your age and previous clan experience.
    31 yo, previous clan experiences i've had was a small warthunder team with around 15 player. also used to play Falcon bms as a team with some online player(not a clan) for 1 year. solo in dcs for 3years

    4. Why do you want to join the AEF ?
    Wish to find a pro and organise community to play like a team. know and make new friend in same hobbies . it`s hard for me to find a proper DCS WORLD community since i star to play this game.

    5 Tell us about yourself. E.g. where you live and where you work or attend school ?
    Currently working in china as a ui designer, previously working in sydney as a graphic designer. went to catc college in sydney. immigrate to australia since 2003.

    6. Let us know if you hold any specific IT, Web or Graphical expertise ?
    mobile app ui design skill, packaging design skill

    I already use team speak so i am ready to pop in.

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    Great to have you on board.

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    Welcome to the AEF.. MING_XE

    The guy's from 161 SQN will be along soon to show you around.


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    sorry i reply again here, thanks alot. Just wondering when you guys gonna meet up in dcs or team speak during the week? and when i join the TS channel, my voice speak funtion is disable, how can i sort this out?

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    Hi Ming, Welcome to the AEF.

    The 161 guys are normally in TS daily. The AEF ts forces push to talk. You may need to assign a push to talk button.


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    Hi Ming good to see you on here.

    Jump on our TS3 server ( ts.aef-hq.com.au ) and say hi.
    I will get you sorted out.

    "161 SQN flys the AEF flag the highest"

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