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    Introduction for new member application - Chris Clark (ruf)

    Hi all. Im Chris, 48yo, live in Penrith Sydney, and have been involved with flightsims since playing the early version of MS flightsim on MAC IN 1987. Its probably why i failed computer science that year. Im lucky enough to have my pilots licence and enjoy military sims as much as flying around in a Cessna

    1. Ive played a bit of Falcon 3 and 4 but want to get involved in DCS. Ive downloaded it and going through training missions now to learn the controls and systems
    2. I came across AEF through a google search for an Australian sqn to join
    3. Im 48 and have been involved in Falcon 3 and 4 groups but never in a big way
    4. Id like to get more involved in a vfs and enjoy the simming, especially keen to try out vr
    5. I live in Penrith NSW, and am involved in helping people with a disability find work
    6. No IT skills of much use now LAN parties with XP dont happen that much

    Hope to meet you all in the skies

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